WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

I have the exact same problem. The person I was talking to said that I sounded great the whole time, but after 10 to 15 min. I would lose a word or two of what they were saying. The words would be like a digital scramble. Then would go back to normal. I guess I’m not the only one

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Purchased a set of XL/L SpinFit CP360 ear tips and the XL sized ones absolutely fix my cavernous ear canal fitment issues. I’m finally getting a proper seal and the sound quality has improved on the WBPs! I highly recommend these ear tips to other folks with rather large ear canal openings.

Here is the largest ear tip that came with the WBPs compared to my surplus XXL ear tips that I was initially using:

Here’s what the SpinFit CP360 XL ear tips look like with their snug fit onto the WBP:

Yes, the SpinFit ear tips are marginally just the right size to still allow the ear buds to fit into the case and have the cover close with a snap:

I did some more Bass Boost setting tests with these new ear tips now that I’m getting a better seal. I was surprised that I could only hear a minimal difference from the Bass Boost setting while listing to Fear of a Black Planet by Public Enemy. Vegas by Crystal Method revealed a bit more pronounced effect, especially on track Vapor Trail. I unfortunately cannot recall the EDM DJ set I was listening to that made the Bass Boost setting so prevalent. :man_shrugging:


I received my Wyze Buds Pro this week and have been putting them through their paces. After 3 days of working in the heat with them, here’s my initial thoughts:

For $60+, they were certainly well worth the money.

Fit-wise, they stay snugly in my ear with little fussing. At first I didn’t think I’d like the stem-style, but I found that the balance is nicer than the Creative Outlier Air V3, or Raycon Everyday E25s, though I’m still trying to find the right size of rubber inner-ear adapter will work best.

Sound-wise, I really do love the sound quality of these things. The tuning for me is great (listening to everything between Postmodern Jukebox, to EDM, to The Hu/Alien Weaponry this week. The bass isn’t too rumbly, and the highs don’t sound like a tin can. In fact, it often feels quite natural and not forced into my ear either.

Hands-free calling sounds great (and it seems like others can hear me just fine too.)

I’m really happy with the noise-cancelling, and transparency modes for them as well, especially at this price point.

Initially, pulling the earbuds out of the charger was a challenge, but after a dozen or so times in and out, they now come out easily. I would like to maybe see a slight design change on the earbuds that either allow for an easier grip (grooves, or maybe a rougher texture?), or a mechanical feature on the case that allows you to squeeze a button to lift the earbuds out of the case more easily.

So far, I get about 5 or 6 hours of uninterruptable usage with Transparency mode active and constant music playing.

I do have a few small issues, and some might be software fixes:

  1. Bluetooth distance isn’t great. I get about 40 feet from the source and it cuts out. And it’s quick to “disconnect” on me. Other earbuds seem to go farther, but I also haven’t had a problem with it having connection issues playing from my phone in my back pocket either, so that may just be a power setting, or something.

  2. If you get disconnected from your source (in this case, my Google Pixel 5), it doesn’t automatically reconnect and continue playing once it reconnects… tapping the earbud (two taps is play/pause for me) didn’t return to playing because it seemed to actually stop the playback and stop the device from knowing which app it was supposed to “play/pause” to. I’ve also had this happen occasionally when taking a call–when the call ends, the music doesn’t start again, and I can either double-tap to resume, or I have to go back to the music app to resume. It’s only a slight bother, and a “fix” may come with an update too.

While I do understand the purpose, it is a bit frustrating that the earbuds can’t connect to Blue Tooth unless the case is open, and once the case is closed both the case and earbuds no longer connect via Bluetooth. I would like to see either an option to keep the connection with the case on, or let it stay on for 10-15 minutes (user-adjustable times?) so that I can keep an eye on my recharging times.

Also, I’d like a feature with the app that would let me send a “loud” sound signal to the earbuds so that I could attempt to find it if I lose track of it (in a quiet enough space, I’d like to hear it beeping, or making scales of sound. Maybe even when connected to the case so that if I misplace the whole combo I can try to locate it?)

Otherwise, for the $60+ price tag, I’m very happy with the purchase.


Greetings Fellow Buds Pro Users! Here are a few additional first impressions.

  1. I have four types of ear buds, three are wireless including Buds Pro, iPods and JBL. Many wired buds.
  2. My first impression of the WYZE Buds Pro is favorable in these areas:
    2a. Sound quality with bass boost on is best in Transparency Mode, still good in ANC Mode
    2b. Battery life seems good. But I did have one occasion that the left bud failed to charge in the case.
    2c. Convenient, stays in my ear just fine, great price.
    2d. I like the options for setup on the touch controls.
  3. And a few feedback items or questions for users:
    3a. Biggest annoyance is wind noise in the speakers. Happens in both modes. Can’t this be tuned out?
    3b. Can WYZE provide a tip fitting guide rather than changing out tips?
    That’s it. Enjoy those buds!
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Just got my buds pro.
Kind of hard to remove from the case.
Easy to pair.
Updated firmware.
Sound very good.
Much better than my 2 other sets of ear buds…much!
ANC seems good, but the real test will be my next airline flight.
I do agree that bass boost does nothing.

Quite pleased WYZE, but this doesn’t let you off the hook with the thermostat motion sensing fiasco we currently have.

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I very much agree, I feel that the bass boost toggle does nothing and hope it is stuck “on” because it’s too much for some of my music, depending what genre I’m listening to.

Just had a test run on an airline flight.
They do very well with ANC.
Once you put your phone in airplane mode (no internet), the Wyze app stops working.
Doesn’t change the fact that the headphones still work, I just tend to turn ANC on/off via the app.
Not a deal breaker, but sure seems like something they’d figure out.

Not gonna kill my Airpod Pros unless I can get them to connect to my iPad and iPhone. I like to switch devices and right now they appear to need to be forgotten on one device and then paired to the other device.

One of the crazy things that keeps me buying WYZE products is how responsive they are to user requests. I have their robot vacuum and they’ve added so many features user requested. I can pretty much guess other brands like iRobot would say, “Yeah, so buy the newer, more expensive model.”
So that’s the long about way of saying, "I bet they’ll solve that pairing issue soon. I like using buds with the phone for workouts, but I also want to listen to a podcast on my tablet without making the people around me listen also.

I agree, but we are talking about quite a different price point, also.

I’d like to think they will add new features like this.
I’m still annoyed they removed a great feature from the thermostats…Yes WYZE folks I’m still griping about your removing motion sensing as a trigger on the thermostats…that was a fantastic feature…was.

I was going to buy these but to be honest I gave up on them releasing and wouldn’t you know it, this was released just a day after I got my Apple Air Pods pro. The one thing that apple has that I don’t see this one has is transparency. I find the transparency helpful for if I’m out near traffic, I can hear the music but at the same time can hear important sounds like cars honking or whatever. If Wyze would add that feature to the buds I may consider buying them as a 2nd pair.

There is a transparency mode. Not 100% sure but I believe it was available at release.

Transparency Mode has been a feature all along! Go get some!

Oh ok. I didn’t see that but thanks. I’ll look into those as a 2nd pair. Do these pair as easily as the air pods pro though or do I have to go to the bluetooth settings? Sorry I’m just spoiled with Apple’s new pairing method on their devices and accessories.

Only question? Can you disable Alexa? Sorry I despise AIs.

While I do not own Air Pod Pros, my kids do, and from what I have seen there is a little more effort to pair the Wyze Buds Pro. You have to add to the Wyze app then pair with Bluetooth. Not a ton of effort, but more.

The Assistant cannot be disable, but, it is invoked via touch control. So if you never set a touch control up for the assistant, it would never trigger.

Ok thanks. Yea at least Apple gives you the option to disable Siri But thanks for the screenshot. I guess as a 2nd pair and back up not bad. I still like the simplicity though of the air pods pro, open case and it pairs with whichever phone or watch you have whether apple or android in 2 or 3 seconds.

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no need to add wyze app. I have paired to my android phone with app, and iPad no app.
The only real hassle is turning BT off for the device you don’t want them to pair with.

Yes. You can disable any auto Alexa