WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

While I do not own Air Pod Pros, my kids do, and from what I have seen there is a little more effort to pair the Wyze Buds Pro. You have to add to the Wyze app then pair with Bluetooth. Not a ton of effort, but more.

The Assistant cannot be disable, but, it is invoked via touch control. So if you never set a touch control up for the assistant, it would never trigger.

Ok thanks. Yea at least Apple gives you the option to disable Siri But thanks for the screenshot. I guess as a 2nd pair and back up not bad. I still like the simplicity though of the air pods pro, open case and it pairs with whichever phone or watch you have whether apple or android in 2 or 3 seconds.

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no need to add wyze app. I have paired to my android phone with app, and iPad no app.
The only real hassle is turning BT off for the device you don’t want them to pair with.

Yes. You can disable any auto Alexa

The air pod pros do pair faster because they are tied to your AppleID and use AirCast to play. But the Wyze block more of your atmosphere from the listener on your call than the Apple Air Pod Pros. I have both and made a video on my YouTube channel (Smarthome Riggs - YouTube) where I covered that and did comparisons between the Wyze Buds Pro and the Air Pod Pros.

Per PCMag review, “You’ll also find a feature in the app labeled Bass Booster, which isn’t actually bass boost at all but Adaptive EQ. (Wyze reps claim that Bass Booster is a typo that will be switched to Adaptive EQ in a future app update.) If you turn it on, the audio will automatically adjust based on what you’re listening to—podcasts will get an EQ focused on vocals, for example, while pop music will get a different treatment. …” << looking forward to this. Perhaps Wyze is collecting user info on how we EQ our podcasts vs Music so they can fine tune the auto-EQ feature?
I cannot tell any difference with “Bass Boos” on or off.
Sound quality with Noise Cancellation ON and Transparency mode is fine. Sound Quality for music with ANC OFF is horrible… but may be acceptable for Podcasts or Phone Calls, but that is when you really need ANC.

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A typo on the app? Wow.

I agree sound quality is much better with ANC on, but when running I turn ANC off and that degraded quality if fine will on the run.

Anyone experiencing similar behaviors with loud noises and the ANC?

Well I finally received my replacements, first pair I received right bud didn’t have sound.
These replacements work fine thankfully.
I also got the earfun pro 2. Both have about the same quality, sound quality is about the same.
I say all in all they are just about the same.
One thing i like better on the earfun is ease of use, and the ability to turn anc off with the touch controls. The wyze buds require the app to turn it off. Maybe this can be addressed through an update…for me the earfun are slightly better with anc and transparency. Fit and comfort are equal.
Earfun have better water protection and 5.2 Bluetooth. I’ll keep both.

Great news @dvirgil13.

Check your touch controls, you can set them to change the mode. (Turn off ANC) I believe (without looking at the app) by default it is a press and hold of the right or left bud.

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Ok I’ll look again but I didn’t see that option. I know about the press and hold… I’ll check

I don’t know if it is an option. But pressing and holding either bud pro will switch between transparency mode and ANC mode.

Yes I know that, I’m talking about turning it off…normal mode.

Im sorry, so the press and hold is the right action but you cannot change the function in the touch control editor. Here is a screen shot for mode change as seen in the product guide. The press and hold toggles between transparency mode and ANC on. Even though there are 3 modes, ANC on, ANC off, and transparency mode. The press and hold only flips between the two modes. You do in fact have to go to the app to have ANC off without transparency.

The change control I was referring to is allowed in the Wyze Buds (non-pro)

Getting my functions mixed up for the different versions😉

Seems as if the Pro Buds should toggle all 3 modes… A recommendation for an update in the wishlist coming😃… is out there

Give it a vote

Sorry @Seapup, missed the existing request before I made mine.


No problem… happens to the best of us. :+1:

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Which tips do you prefer the most? The value pack or the Echo Gen2?

I actually like the tips that came from the Echo buds better… but it’s not because of fit, comfort, or sound blockage… its the screen guard. I often quick remove any buds that I have and throw them in my pockets, the screen guards keep the junk out of the speaker.
Comfort, Sound, and Fit were all comparable.


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One update over the last few weeks… I have dropped my case with the Pro buds in them a few times. Everything has held up well. Nothing broken, but, when that case hits the ground the buds come out like shrapnel on a fragment grenade.

Keep an eye on them. :wink:


Good to know the case is tough.
I actually wrapped a thin piece of bright orange electrical tape around the stem of each pod.
Drop one of these on an airliner and they quickly blend in, so a little something something to make them stand out will help.