Wyze Buds Pro Cutting out

While out running, listening to spotify, if my phone is behind me (back pocket or in bumbag) the sound pauses then comes back a few seconds later. If phone is in my armband or in my hand this doesn’t occur. Using Google Pixel 3. I have two pairs of pros and this happens with both of them. All firmware and apps up to date.

Do you have anything else in the bags? If you have it near other electronics or something similar to that or if it’s anything around foil it could be blocking the Bluetooth signal

I have a similar issue with my phone in my right side pocket. Except mine don’t completely pause. They go into a strange echo mode, lose one of the ears, then it’s comes back. These aren’t the only buds that don’t work reliably for me. But some do work for me. I usually don’t have anything in that pocket besides the iPhone 11 Pro.

Same here. I feel like this is due to heat, either from my ears or from direct sunlight. When I run outside, I’ll get frequent disconnects. I don’t notice this while inside with casual use.

Nothing else in pockets or bumbag

I have this exact problem. Work great inside, on planes, etc. But once I’m outside (walking, mowing the lawn, etc.) they cut out, become distorted, cut out, and/or echo.

Has anyone found a solution?