Wyze Buds Needs Dual Bluetooth Device (Bluetooth Multipoint)

I want to be able to use my Wyze Buds for work. But it would wicked awesome to be able to stay connected to both my phone and my laptop at the same time. The Wyze buds use Bluetooth 5 which based on my limited research could allow Bluetooth multipoint and have multiple connections.

Thank you!

Please add multipoint (two simultaneous device pairings) to Buds Pro. You can’t put it on the Buds, Headphones and not the Buds Pro. Update that firmware and I’m buying them immediately. In fact, is there a way I can be alerted when this happens?


I completely agree!! Bluetooth Multipoint is a key sell point for me. I have a work (iPhone) and personal (Android) phone and my Plantonics Bluetooth has it and it’s great. I wish more product came equipt with it. I really wanted to purchase the Buds Pro but until they have Bluetooth Multipoint I’m going to have to pass and keep searching.