Wyze buds battery life not need 7 hours / left channel issues

I purchased Wyze Buds after returning a competitor’s BT earbuds which were advertised as having 7 hr battery life but in fact, died after 3-3.5 hrs of use. I use the buds on my desktop computer while watching streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube. The competitor indicated the 7 hr battery life was for music listening only.

I specifically asked Wyze Lifestyle on Amazon re the Wyze Buds battery life and was told

Seven hours is the maximum playback time on a single charge. Actual playback time (Watching videos or listening to music) of the earbuds almost 6-7 hours

So I purchased them and got them yesterday. I updated the firmware and charged them overnight. I then discovered when I went to use them this morning only the right bud was working on my desktop computer. I paired them to my iPhone8+ same thing. The left bud was completely dead. I put them in the case and tried again. No difference put the buds back in the case and paired them back to my desktop. Left bud started working again!

Then I began a battery test with a flat equalizer and Normal setting in the ANC. After 3.5 hrs I discovered the left channel was dead again but by this time I was getting the warning, the buds only had 20% charge left. During this battery test their volume was at 44%. I can not see how these earbuds would ever get anywhere near 6 hrs of battery life.

Update: The right earbud lasted for almost 6 hours before the battery died. However 6-7 hours to me means both buds are working not just the right one.

Am I missing something??

Went to use the Wyze Buds tonight to listen to some Netlfix and the left one is completely dead only getting sound out of the right. Removed them from BT and reinstalled them no difference. Exactly the same issue as earlier today. Getting frustrated as heck.