Wyze Bud Pro Case not Charging

Hi, is anyone having this issue with their case not charging? It’s only charged successfully once. Otherwise, the case is always dark with I try plugging it in to different cables and outlets and even on my computer. When I detach it, the case light is still yellow. I thought maybe the light was broken and just left it attached to a cable all night, and it still has this issue. Thanks!


I have not had any issues with charging the Bud Pro’s. I have plugged it in and even charged it via a Wireless charger.

Have you tried removing the buds from the case and reseating them again?

I am having the same issue - nothing I do will get the case the charge - I’m at red now and worried this will be the end of my Wyze buds pro

I am having the same issue. Wyze Buds Pro case is not charging. It’s yellow and shows yellow on the app.