Wyze Bridge keeps failing (light turns orange after some time)

I have two Wyze Bridges. Each of them connected to a Pan Cam. Each has 4 sensors connected (2 motion, 2 contact each). Pretty similar configuration.

Everything has been working great for a long time. Recently, one of them started failing after a while. The bridge will show an orange/amber light, and the devices connected to it will go offline. I have to power cycle the camera every time, and it happens often, especially during critical times. It will work, and then it will start to fail again.

Do note that this was happening before on the same bridge, but rarely. Now it is more consistent.

The camera itself is online and works. Stock cable and power supply are used. Because the bridge itself does not appear as a device, it is hard to debug what is going on.

This is annoying as it is connected to critical sensors that break my home when deactivated.

This is most likely a failed/failing bridge. Please open a support ticket right away.