Wyze Blog #4 - Outdoor Camera and... Something Else?

EDIT: All available spots for the thermostat working group have been filled. Thank you for your interest! I’ll be in touch with more opportunities before too long. :slight_smile:

Hey, everyone!

As you all know, the outdoor camera beta test is starting up. We sent out all the samples this week and things are starting to get interesting! From here, we are going to change the focus of the Wyze Blog posts to encompass different topics as well. You’ll still hear about the outdoor camera from time to time but we’re now heading into the Super Secret portion of testing. :wink:

That said… If you feel left out, fret not! I’m here with another call out for working with us. We’re launching a smart thermostat working group (please keep this information to the Early Access category). This group will work with our product manager to complete periodically posted missions that help us guide the development of this product from an early stage (this would still be a ways off). And for those that are active and interested when we get to that point, they’d have first pick to become hardware testers for the product.

We have up to 35 spots for Early Access backers available for this secret crew. Priority is going to be given to people who are not already part of another testing cycle because we’re selfish and want to get a chance to work with EVERYONE. Here is what you would be committing to:

  • Having a US address (this will be important for the testing opportunity later and will help us focus on the market that we’re occupying)
  • Using a secret Facebook group
  • Responding to posted missions in a timely manner
  • Keeping the contents of the group secret

If this sounds good to you, please follow these instructions!

  1. If you haven’t yet, please fill out the hardware application on this page: Become a Beta Tester | Wyze .
  2. Send me a message through the forum with your Wyze account email so I can find your application.
  3. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL PUBLICLY! You don’t want that spam and we don’t want you to get that spam either. :slight_smile:

This is run pretty similarly to our beta tests though the commitment is lighter and you won’t have hardware to play with until later on. But if you would like to know more about how our testing cycles work, please check out Wyze Blog #3.

If you have any questions, let me know! We look forward to getting to know you better and hearing your feedback! :smiley:


Done & done @WyzeGwendolyn

I volunteer!! @WyzeGwendolyn

Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

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I am in as well - Just in case you need me!!! :slight_smile:

I’d definitely be interested if there’s spots available. Love all the new products coming from Wyze!

Sent you a message @WyzeGwendolyn.
I bought a smart thermostat last year, but would like to help with this.

If we aren’t allowed into the inner circle is there a way for us to offer suggestions? I have opinions about these things too.

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There is a #roadmap topic just for that. :slight_smile:

I don’t see a roadmap topic for thermostats

Ugh, I thought this was an earlier topic that was just about the outdoor camera. @WyzeGwendolyn snuck this one in on me. :crazy_face:

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Definitely interested (glad I turned on email notifications this time). Sent you a message!

Sent message last night. I have a unique system that doesn’t have a c wire but needs to use a wall adapter to power the thermostat.

I’m also interested in just a temp sensor so I can ask Alexa what the temp is in various location.


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I would totally be in! … but no Facebook! :disappointed_relieved:



I have been using and recommending Wyze Cameras since the earliest introduction of V1 and V2 for both versions of the cameras to everyone including a class we give on Home Security. also added Wyze Sense and am waiting for Wyze Bulbs. One of my cameras is mounted on top of the Outdoor Motion Detector Lights. Makes for a great combination. Now I would love to test the battery version as well. Keep up the great work. PR

Would love to see a low cost combo Wyze Outdoor Battery Cam with Outdoor Motion Lights.

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As a point of early feedback, please please please consider automated vents with dampers. It may seem niche until you realize that if they’re affordable (maybe <$30 ea) that every house has more than 10 to replace.

Also, remote room temp sensors. :slight_smile: these can all be integrated to the motion sensors to integrate the whole system.


I would like to be a tester.