Wyze beta app data usage

Well, here is mine for the OP to compare. I am mostly on WiFi at home these days.

By comparison my browser has used 235 MB and Google Maps 45 MB over the same period.

I have posted an image of my data usage through the app. This data usage goes up even without opening the app. This is 8 days of data.

Also no pi hole or adblockers.

I do have dev mode enabled. But do not have the data only on.

Data Saver is on.

This is mine for all of August. About 10% background, 90% foreground.

It gets pretty small with just the band and scale. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine…

This has happened before, maybe a year or so ago. Beta is Beta.
I forget the exact conditions but after one Beta update virtually all my data was sucked up in a day.
Make sure a mod sees this.

(Do to Covid 19 I’m virtually out of the active Wyze community, I’ve extremely slow upload speeds, sometimes < .5Mb)

This is a recurrence of an earlier situation

@moderators - should this be passed on?

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That stinks :pleading_face:

I have passed it up the chain to WYZE employees.


Thanks! Sorry to hear about this trouble. I sent this link up the food chain. Any chance folks experiencing this have sent in logs?

Just submitted

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If you’re experiencing this, could you please upload a screenshot of your data use and submit an app log? I’ll get the information to the team member looking into this. I will need you to post the log number since I don’t have access to that system. :slight_smile:

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Track ID 46864

I have switched to the pixel 5 with the same results. I will have to uninstall the app if this continues.

Background data disable. See screen shot.

Latest screenshot of cell data being used by wyze app. This happens every time I’m off wifi without even opening the app.

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New logs track Id 55513

Same thing here.

There is a new beta application release today: * iOS: 2.15.13(4)

  • Android: 2.15.16
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It looks like it’s still happening, but I believe is just the result of the many false detections resulting from the new detection zone bug. Once they fix it, things will return to normal.

This is correct. I have recently switched back to the non beta app. This was to test the new AI detection features. The mobile data leak is not present in this version of the app. WYZE please find out what fix has escaped your beta code branch and patch. I don’t think it’s very good to expect your beta testers to pay for extra data just to help you out.

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