Wyze Band wrong names on texts and calls

Hello! When I get notifications for my phone ringing or text messages, it shows the wrong name texting or calling. how can i fix?

i have a OnePlus 6T and latest beta wyze software on phone and latest software on band,

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I’ve had the same experience … .haven’t quite figured out what the app/band even THINKS it’s doing … but the name that came up on a recent SMS notification was definitely someone in my address book, but NOT the sender of the text.
latest beta app and latest firmware … OnePlus 5t

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I recently encountered this issue running on Android 10 on pixel 3a with firmware v1.0.6.43 running Wyze v2.10.74. It says the SMS notification was from someone in my address book but it was not the sender of the text, I’ll have to send a log next time that happens.