Wyze Band Wrist Setting

Why is there a left or right wrist wearing setting?

Which wrist do you wear the band on? To determine activity sensitivity. If you wear it on your right, and are right handed, it has to filter more out to determine step count. My old fitness tracker said to wear it on my non dominant hand.

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I ditched my Wyze paperweight but I’m right handed and wear my other three sports bands on my left (not all at the same time). I think most right handers do as well so you can use your dominant digits to do their laser-focused swiping and whatnot.

Actually everyone wears a watch on their weak hand, because it keeps the watch more protected from damage, as you use that hand less often. And this was way before watches that required swiping.

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Here’s how old i am. We wore them on our les coordinated hand because we had to wind watches back then.

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Lefty and always worn a watch & band on left wrist. Probably because that’s where access to the winding stem was easiest. Way more awkward to wind or set a watch with the stem pointing away from your hand