Wyze band with multiple phones using one account

We have a number of cameras and window sensors set up as a security system. More than one phone is used since more than one person lives here and all phones are logged in to the same Wyze account. However, only one person wears the band. This means that the band shows up on all phones using the same account. It also means that all phones using the same account force the app to be always open. Finally, I have also seen to find my phone service on the band to find all the phones. This clearly needs a solution. Is this something that is corrected in the new beta?


Oooh… That’s a heck of a use case and I’ll send it to the team. Though we generally aren’t aiming for people sharing accounts so I don’t know how much traction this will get.

In the meantime, the person using the band may want to make a separate account to pair the band with to reduce the inconvenience for everyone else in the system.


I also share an account with my wife . She needs to be able to make changes to cameras and sensors . I would have thought dev team would use the phone Device ID to pair the band to the phone instead of account only . Using the Device ID would eliminate this issue.
If they are not going to allow account sharing then they need to allow us to assign those we share devices with across accounts assign admin privileges by device such as reboot , turn on and off motion detection and turn on and or off IR .
FYI My Wyze Band died on day 1 . Support said they would ship me a new one . Can you check on shipping … Ticket 526614 .


With one account can we link the wyze band data and settings to the scale user info.

I bought 3 for my children two of which are high functioning autistic and I do not want to set them up with there own accounts. Unless you make it easier to switch between Wyzes accounts in the APP.

May try the sharing function, but also do not have different phones for my kids.

Can not afford the monthly bill and do not believe kids need there own phone unless they have a job or other type activity that they are away from the house and I have to be able to contact them.

Wish Alexa was easier to get to and more responsive.
Tend to have to hit the activator button more than once, during repetitive command attempts.
love the way you have Alexa alerts setup to be stored locally on the watch. Find it repetitive to have alarms and then Alexa alert category alarms.

Will play with both and report back on what you like better.

I thought I saw in the preview video that we would be able to view Waze cam on the ways band, please let me know if I’m missing where this function is or if it is coming.

Any chance is going to integrate with Samsung fitness apps, Google fitness apps or other?

TY, despite the comments I am very impressed what is very inexpensive watch.

I believe it’ll be very good and useful for my 3 children.
it’s a good watch that I’m not worried about them breaking because it’s inexpensive.

Yet to be determined but it may be also my next smartwatch once it becomes available again.
The Samsung gear S2 is great and all but seems to be Overkill with a very expensive price tag.

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I agree with mrgadget

I recall there were some serious enough limitations to sharing devices across multiple accounts that we decided it was easier to share accounts instead. I don’t remember exactly the limitations, but they related to the amount of control the “shared” person had relative to the “owner” - maybe notification control or playback ability?

At any rate, from reading the forums, I would guess that a fair number of users are sharing their devices this way. And it works generally quite well until you have devices that are designed for single-person use, like the band. It would be really useful to have co-users where each user can display and group all devices as they see fit on a per-app basis (e.g. I may want my band at the top and my wife may want the front-door camera there). This would extend to notification control as well.

If I have time, I’ll try the device sharing again to see if the situation has changed.

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I’m in a similar situation…app, same account, running on 2 iPhones, and 2 iPads. Can’t prove this yet but i suspect this is causing some of the Bluetooth issues…Its not practical for me to turn off BT on all the devices other than my phone.

My thought is that cameras, light bulbs, plugs are not a true “single person” device, whereas a Band is. Seems to me that a band needs it’s own app per user/wearer, or incorporate some kind of single user assignment for pairing to a specific device in the existing app.

My $.02


This is why we need different permission levels for users. Because I share my account with some of my close family so they can do more that the standard sharing allows. Please allow for different sharing options for family and friends!