Wyze band will not pair

My new Wyze band will not pair with my phone. Fails every time, sometimes before the step to press “OK” on the band, sometimes after. Have recharged the Band, restarted my phone’s Bluetooth, restarted my phone, upgraded the Wyze app, tried a different phone, tried both cell and 2 different WiFi’s, tried with and without the Band connected to power.
I have submitted a support request to Wyze, but in the meantime, has anyone had and resolved this issue?
Thank you! Stay safe out there.

I had some initial problems. Wound up going into device Bluetooth and telling it to forget the Wyze band, then turning off Bluetooth. Then Reset, not reboot , your band, turn back on your device Bluetooth and start again. No harm in trying…



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Well that partially worked (yay) to get an initial pairing done, so that now my Band shows up in the Bluetooth devices my phone settings app “sees”.
HOWEVER the Bluetooth will not stay connected for more than one or two seconds no matter what else I do.
Guess I will have to wait for Wyze Support to get around to my ticket.
Thanks for the info though!


Keep checking iy while you are waiting on support. I had one issue with the band and an Auto Alexa that kind of acted the same way and I never could resolve it. I finally quit, went inside. Next afternoon I got in the car, drove off and everything was working. Worked fine since. My technical skills amaze me …
BTW, if you have it paired to another device, pick the one you want to use and tell the other’s Bluetooth to Forget the band. I forgot to mention that earlier. You can have it in the app on two devices but not Connected on both.

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Thanks a lot… I’ll keep trying until they get around to me, maybe I’ll get lucky.

This worked for me. Thanks.

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