Wyze band - who's holding out?

I’d love to finally buy a smart watch, but we just kicked alexa out of the house in favor of a google speaker. Who’s holding out for the wyze band to support google? Is it just me or am I being too picky?


I believe that Wyze is actively working on Google integration. But google integration is notoriously slow, not Wyze, Google. After Google kept opting me back in to things I had explicitly said no to I got rid of Google. But everyone has their own experience and preference.

Yes I get the feeling that Amazon plays much nicer in the sandbox with other platforms than Google. That’s what made me hold out for so long with Alexa. But with YouTube premium and YouTube music and all that stuff, despite my prime sub I had to switch. Glad to know it could be in the works but I would love to confirm

This is a post from Wyze:


I’m holding out on the Wyze band until I see positive reports with regards to Google integration. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have no Alexaz but still ordered the band. Caution, meet wind!