Wyze Band Weather

I’m still trying to figure out what the numbers on the weather screen represent. Sometimes the top screen number is within a couple of degrees of actual and sometimes it’s as much as 10 degrees off. The numbers on the secondary screen look like projected hi/lo forecasts but in reality aren’t even remotely close. I thought maybe I was getting weather for another location so I deleted and reinstalled the band to make sure I hadn’t messed up location but except for allowing location permission there is no other input during setup, besides, it displays the name of my town correctly. Anybody have any answers?

same here. If I ask for the temperature through Alexa it is correct but the display is always wrong. Hopefully an update will fix this?


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I noticed the weather seemed off today too by almost 10 degrees. After seeing your post I decided to gather some data for comparison.

I saw somewhere that the Band is using the OpenWeatherAPI. I went to https://openweathermap.org to compare their weather report to what the Band shows and what WeatherUnderground and Alexa has (which to me often seems much closer to reality). Here’s my comparison results:

       OpenWeatherMap.org    Band    WeatherUnderground  Alexa
Now:       72.9/73.4         72/73      70               73
Thurs:     76.1/81.1         74/82      74/91            74/87
Fri:       76.4/86.8         75/87      70/83            70/87

Not sure what to make of this, but if you are still having this problem, you might want to compare your results to Openweathermap.org and see if the problem is maybe just a bad weather service. I’ll do another comparison if I notice it goes way off again.

I wonder if there is another service Wyze could use instead that is more accurate? It will be interesting to see if others also complain about weather on the Band.

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Wouldn’t it be nice is Wyze had an actual owners manual telling us all this information?

wow. this is a great point you are making. I live in California and you got me curious. Some people will argue that the reporting weather stations are representing local data and the area is so vast that a you should expect a couple degree variations from one data center to the next, BUT the picture you are showing (we can see 1degree difference between the Wyze app and Band. HOW DO THEY EXPLAIN that data lag?

I think it depends on where the weather data they get, is reporting from and from what weather source.

I agree for instance the TV and Radio stations here in Raleigh use the data from RDU (airport). The yahoo app picks up from a station at a local high school. Apple weather picks up from a North Raleigh station and Dark Sky snags the weather from a whole series of stations in my area.

The temperatures are often as much as 5 degrees off. A front moving through can mean even wilder differences. Alexa does not seem to agree with any of the sources.

I am a bit of a weather nut and use a Davis Instruments station at home.

Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station with LCD Console https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002LLVFK0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_77TOEb9KY6VM9

In my own experience Dark Sky is dead on. Every where else can be off by a wide margin or on nice calm days they tend to be the same.

I agree that all those things will contribute to variations but in my case my local weather is sourced by town name or zip code. Either way the numbers the band is displaying cannot be found within 300 miles unless I go up 5000 feet. Right now my hi/lo differential is 30 degrees and the display shows closer to 10. I don’t know what location I’m getting weather for but it isn’t mine

Check https://openweathermap.org/ where the weather data is coming from. In some zip codes the weather data can be “stale” depending on how often a particular user station reports in. My Davis station reports every 15 seconds, my older station was once an hour.

sadly the weather app does not work for me either. The temperatures etc it provides are nothing near actual figures. It’s probably a glitch that will be fixed after an update? Otherwise, what a great device!

I just setup my new Wyze Band. The weather function indicates a temperature 15 degrees less than the true temperature. The location is set to automatic and has selected the correct location. Beyond that, I find no other settings or information on how this function works. How to make the temperature accurate?

I am not sure what weather service it pulls the information from, where are you pulling the true temperature from?

In the app, under Wyze band features, weather is listed. It gives instructions to set location and it states that the weather information is provided by OpenWeatherAPE.

The temperature on the band is 10 to 15 degrees off. I am comparing the actual temperature with the tv weather and also two separate digital temperature devices.

I see no settings to correct the temperature or change the weather provider.


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I wold think that 15 degrees is an excessive amount to be off, it will usually read different than thermometers you have since they go off a different location. I checked on mine and it is pretty close maybe 2 degrees off what my phone says and it pulls accuweather. The other thing would be how often it is updating the weather.

There are currently no settings to allow for adjusting of the temperature.

I just checked my Band and it said 61 degrees. I knew that was incorrect so I opened the Wyze app > Band > Weather and then the Band updated immediately to 48 degrees. It just need to synchronize is all.

I have the accuweather app and use it as my go to, for weather.
How did you get the Wyze band weather to use accuweather?

I tried the app to see if it would update. The outside temperature is now 72 degrees and the band states 57 degrees. It did not update. Still an issue.

I did not get the band to use accuweather, i was comparing it with my phone which does use it

In the app go into the band, go to the weather portion and double check the settings, if you have it set to detect automatically try turning that off and manually picking your location and see if that changes anything.