Wyze Band Wake Feature Bug?

I just wanted Wyze to know that my wake feature doesn’t always work. Most of the time, I’ll lift the watch up to my face and turn my wrist and it’s still black. Hopefully an update will fix the sensitivity of this feature or something.

Other than that, I love my Wyze band. I hear the step counting isn’t too accurate yet, but I love it so far just for the look, the smart home features, and the notifications. When I’m repairing machines and computers on the toll road, I often have my personal phone in a pouch on my hip, and would often miss phone calls or specific texts, now I can see them quickly on my wrist without pulling my phone out and exposing my life to potential danger, since being in an environment with constant moving vehicles can be extremely dangerous.

But as far as the wake feature for the clock face, I would rather it illuminate more than it should than to not illuminate at all.


When the Raise to Wake feature doesn’t work for you, are you doing it within the start and stop time of its settings?

For me, the notifications for calls or texts when I’m driving are pointless for me because the screen is so small I can’t read it without my reading glasses, which I don’t wear while driving. But I completely ignore my any of my devices while driving anyway. However, if I did try to look at my Band to see a notification, that small screen would put me in a more dangerous situation while driving.

agree that wake to wake sensitivity is kind of off. It need to be pretty aggressive for the band to pick it up, specially while running

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I agree that something is off with the wake feature. Sometimes with my Fitbit Charge 2, I have to also forcefully turn my wrist to get the screen to turn on. With the wyze band, sometimes a forceful turn will still do nothing so I have to tap it once or twice to get it to turn on. I’ve heard others saying that the wake feature is too sensitive. Which FW do you have