Wyze Band, unusual fit, are there options that are locked for now?

So I am a big guy with edema, so watch bands leave a mark on my skin, I played with the watch band and I found it more comfortable when angling the screen towards me a bit! Unsure if this wyze band is going to be permanently shaped this way for large people like myself. Even adjusting the band it pinches a little, I see they have gone great length in finding the sweet spot in there design. Just wanted to add my input, also with the sensors onboard there is only a run feature. Will you be adding bicycling, maybe swimming in the future? Is the wyze band able to deal with a swimming pool? 15878322857977793652633076382809|243x500


This is what I was looking for this morning…
I’m a big guy… 6’3" large frame (I’m not fat, just big boned (in my best Cartman voice) LOL)
The face portion of the Band does not span the top of my wrist, so the down-curved edges, instead of overlapping my wrist, dig in a bit. It is better with the watch style band instead of the stock one, but still not as comfortable as it should be.
I was going to drop a picture to reinforce the statement, looks like I am too dumb to figure out how… so much for my IT career.


It would be nice if we could by an adapter to by leather or other pin type regular bands.

My wife is allergic to plastic bands.

I too am having this issue, I have to loosen the band a little then turn it towards me. Feels better. But still the face of the watch could be longer and the watch band would fit fine.