Wyze band unresponsive at times & reboots

The past few days, I experienced where the band does not respond to anything as it is off? The app does not synch either at those times. At first I thought it was a low charge 45% so I plugged it in, all of a sudden it looks like it was rebooting. Yesterday, the same thing happened twice, it becomes unresponsive and looks like it reboots. Today it happened once. Anyone experiencing this? Did this unit go bad perhaps? I sent logs, through the app, but they must be overloaded with requests as other ones I sent received no replies?

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What App Version are you using? Beta app logs go to the devs and don’t typically get responses.
Also check to make sure you have updated your Firmware.

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Yeah, those are the first things I always try first being a techie…Great knowing that the logs are going to developers, I wonder why they provide a ticket ID number and indicate they will get back to you?..sure makes it look like customer support. If this is true, they need to change the verbage. Thanks for replying

I know it’s frustrating! But, this is one reason for having Early Access. Not supposed to be Beta but it still can be a bumpy ride. Sorry!

Same thing has been happening to my band. At least twice a day. Launching the app will wake it up (reboots) but I still have to try twice to get it to sync 100%

How are you submitting your issue?
When I submit a log after clicking on band, then report an issue, it gives me Ticket ID and states “we will deal with it as soon as possible”. It doesn’t say you’ll be contacted about the issue, but I can understand if you assumed you would be contacted about the issue. I got a reboot just now at 32% battery but I haven’t noticed a trend.