Wyze Band thoughts after ~7 Month

Really not sure this is the correct place for this, but here’s my observations after using this since it came in April.

Overall function:
The band generally does what I expect albeit sometimes a bit clunky in operation. For something I paid around $20 for, I don’t regret buying it.

I like the width of the band, but the thickness is a bit more that I like. It sometimes gets stuck on sleeves and occasionally feels weird on my arm. I’ve got a pretty small wrist so it doesn’t always stay in the ideal position either.

I’m still using the snap fit band that came with EA. I think moving away from this style was the right call for now as it’s almost always a pain to snap to the right tightness and can come undone pretty easily if it catches on something. Personally I like some of the magnetic latch bands as they tend to avoid the flapping tail you get with normal watch bands.

Battery has been awesome. I almost never THINK about it and needing to charge it which is one thing that has prevented me from getting wearable tech in the past. 1-2 day charges in phones is ok, wearables, no go. Y’all nailed it here and from what it looks like in the new Watch as well.

The screen is just all right. I find it a bit sad that the screen itself is so small within the case and I’d rather it full cover the panel. In sunlight with sunglasses on, it’s just not bright enough to really see anything on it too. It’s a bit finnicky with touch sensitivity too, specifically with taps. I notice this most with activating Alexa and tapping buttons for Workouts or options. Usually these are slow to register the tap and sometimes require to or three increasingly long and firm presses to register. That’s noticeable most with ending a workout or tapping a setting. The exception is the home button and activating Alexa. 80% of the time it will activate accidentally in the course of normal activity when I brush it or other wise wouldn’t attempt to use Alexa. Swipe to unlock sounds like a good solution, but in practice it’s been more annoyance than it’s worth since it still takes time for Alexa to start listening and the screen doesn’t always catch I’m trying to perform the unlock swipe.

I’d say I overall give it a 7 of 10 for reasons I’ll detail here. It generally does what it’s supposed to but there are some annoyances in the experience. Raise to turn on is still wonky and requires a very deliberate learned motion to work. Do Not Disturb seems still let notifications through after it’s active.

Commands work about 80% of the time, but often requests to turn off lights or run routines still show as “an empty caption” when successful. This feels unpolished and would be nice to address.

Alarms through Alexa are ok, but I’d also like to see all alarms here to manage rather than just ones that are specific to the band. I’ve also noticed that maybe one day a month, the band just suddenly doesn’t have the alarm at all and I have to go into the alexa app to disable and re-enable it. Would also be nice to snooze these alarms.

Reminders and Timers are sore spot for me. It’s super annoying that the screen doesn’t just show ALL timers/reminders set like the alexa app. I rarely want to just make a timer or reminder on my band and almost always want to see the status of these. These really need to show everything to be useful to me.

This section mostly works as advertised, but it would be nice to have the option to discard a workout not just continue or finish. There’s so many times my 3 year old has started one and I get these 10s workouts in the app I can’t get rid of. More categories would be nice too.

Usually this is functional but I do notice that the summary page sleep section doesn’t always update until I sync with my phone. This wasn’t always the case and I would be nice if it would. The breakdown screens I don’t really find that useful outside of steps and heart rate. Sleep doesn’t really provide the data I want. Things like how much light sleep and how much deep sleep are tracked but not accessible. The color coded bars aren’t good enough. The graph here doesn’t really make a lot of sense either. Time awake seems to show a small portion or none at all, light and deep sleep aren’t actually marked which is which on the graph.

Works fairly well but it’s annoying to have to scroll to it, tap the screen, THEN tap the shortcut. Why not just have the shortcuts on the main screen and swipe left/right to access them?

I had this enabled for a while but eventually found that it really never got used. If I wanted weather, I’d ask Alexa or use another device. However, I do find that the nightly forecast prompt for the next day is useful.

Heart Rate:
Works as advertised, but for my needs direct access wasn’t necessary. Plus my toddler kept playing with it.

Find Device:
Never found this useful. I guess it could be for some, but it seemed a bit weird having a whole section for it. Seems like it should go in the tools section since that was added.

These are kinda meh IMO. Stopwatch seems like it should be with alarms or it’s own thing. It works, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a use for it myself. Flashlight also works and seems like a tool thing, but why can’t we tap anywhere on the screen to turn it off? There doesn’t seem to be any reason we should be forced to use the home button.

I’ve saved this one for last because it’s the most frustrating one for me. I DO get notifications but it’s neither easy to access nor always helpful. I’ll get Gmail notifications late at night after do not disturb is on and some apps like Skype will send me the message notification followed by a sender notification that hides the message. Accessing these is frustrating because many times the screen will time out before I’ve had a chance to see it or read it. I know I can extend the timeout time, but I’d much rather see notifications extend that time more just for the preview.

Managing notifications is so annoying that I usually just leave the notification section off the band since I still get notifications. I really really do not need another device I have to clear notifications on. I already have that on my phone, PC, and Macbook.

I realize this sounds like a bad review of the band, but it’s not. Good design is invisible, bad design screams for attention. It’s those pain points that I’m focusing on in hopes we see improvements to the experience, especially with the new Watch on the horizon.

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