Wyze Band Sync Issues

-I have the Wyze app connected to my personal Wyze account on my work iPhone and my personal Android phone.
-The Wyze Band has only been paired with my work iPhone. After the initial setup with the iPhone, everything works great.
-After about a day the Band won’t connect to my iPhone but will sync with my Android phone that it isn’t paired with. The Band does not show up in the paired device list on the Android phone.
-I reset the band and tried again with the same result.

I had a similar issue, I had 2 android Wyze apps, and I found that if both were running in the background, I had trouble syncing. If I killed one of the apps, the other would sync fine.

I’d try killing the wyze app on your android phone & see if the band will sync on the iphone


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This issue sounds similar to the thread here where they are trying to use the band on both their smartphone and tablet. It seems like it is an issue to pair the band with more than 1 device. I would report the issue through the wyze app on the band page.

I need some help finding where I might find if this issue of the band not being able to connect to the Wyze app on both my iPhone and my iPad has been addressed. This was first identified during early access But I can’t seem to find my past emails.
Thanks for any help you could provide.

Hello @Crabber70 am sorry you are having that issue, I am just a user like you but I volunteer time to moderate the forum. I would recommend contacting support on this

Call Wyze or use the online chat support system.

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