Wyze Band Strap Issues

So I switched to the regular watch style strap on my Band because the snap strap kept popping off. Now I’m having an issue where the flap on this strap won’t stay in the hoop. It even has a tab that is supposed to hold it in place, yet it keeps coming out. I don’t want to place that hoop so far in that the end of the strap flaps around. I Neve had this kind of issue with this style of strap on an watch I used wear.

I’ve had both these issues with the band strap. I was afraid of losing the Band if the snap strap came unsnapped. Well, that was solved when the strap broke where it links to the Band case body.
So now I have to use the buckle strap with keeper. But it tends to come undone, just as the previous poster has mentioned.
I would like a plain old velco style strap that is infinitely adjustable, easy to remove and put on, and won’t pop off and be lost in some activity (swimming, running, etc). But the way the strap attaches to the body is unconventional, and the strap cannot be replaced by a standard strap.

A velcro strap is the perfect solution! Hey Wyze, are you listening?

Now I’m wondering if I can find some thin stick on velcro, to attach to both of my straps as a temporary fix.