Wyze Band Step Count Issues

I just started using my Wyze Band today. I’m having an issue getting the step count to work. It hasn’t changed from 0.
I have tried a restart of the band and confirmed I’m running latest firmware.
Has anyone had this issue?

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I opened case with support 8hrs ago. Waiting for response. Have a feeling this band is a dud and needs to be replaced. Hoping to hear from support tomorrow.

My step count works but is highly optimistic, showing about 20% higher than my iPhone steps.

At least you get a step count. I still have not heard from support about my issue. :disappointed:


We have 3 fitness devices, Vivofit, Fitbit Charge 3 & now the Wyze Band. Love what I see so far with the Wyze Band. We conducted some experiments comparing the number of steps that are being recorded. I wear all 3 devices on the same hand. The Wyze band appears to skip counting many steps. Right now the Wyze shows 7695 steps, Vivofit 8704 steps & the Fitbit 8750. Is the point where it starts counting different on the Wyze. Has anyone else seen this discrepancy? I even counted out steps manually and it misses quite a few steps ?


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I do not have Wyze band but wife has Apple watch and Vivofit.

Apple always give less steps (1000). even after calibration with gps. Discrepancy is fairly normal at +/- 25% between these gagets.

Key is that you have done enough exercise and the number is just relative

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I also have the Vivofit and numbers are different. Does the Wyze band have the ability to set step distance? Perhaps that is the issue

I have had my Band on for over 7 hours today. Granted I am working in my office but have made 5 or six ventures to other parts of the house and my step count is stuck at 12 for the day.

And oddly, the app says I had 8 steps yesterday, 6 today for 14 total. Band says 12. And I guess I find the heart rate thread. That measurement is WAY off.

I have been concerned about the Wyze Band’s accuracy for the short time my wife has owned it, just over a week. I have surmised that the Band is most accurate when measuring steps during activities involving walking or running, but the Band over counts during activities involving moderate to rapid arm movement, e.g., raking leaves, hammering or ironing clothes. For example, I had my wife iron a pair of men’s shorts while wearing the Band, an activity which involves moderate arm movement, but very little leg movement. This task took approximately 7 minutes and when completed the Wyze Band logged 168 steps, or 24 steps per minute of ironing. OK, not very scientific and once again, maybe the key, as “cf7” said it so well, is that you have done enough exercise and the number is just relative.

Hmm, I wonder what the step count would be if I just sat in the recliner and every minute or two just hefted a cold one. Hmmm.

Higher discrepancies is only expected with distance not steps. A persons stride varies thus distance without a GPS is not accurate over the course of a day. A three-axis accelerometer is typically utilized measuring the steps. There are thresholds that need to be adjusted based upon the amount of movement to capture a step. A faulty accelerometer could explain it if my unit is the only one that is off in the early access units shipped.

Yesterday, I used my phone, and the other step watches. The Wyze was the only one that was about 39% off for the day Under accounting by thousands. The other 3 were within 5% of each other. Accuracy is important as many insurance companies give insurance premium credits based on the minimum steps you take. I know at least a dozen of my friends at different companies that get premium credits based upon a monthly average of steps taken. This would be a deal breaker for me and most people that utilize their fitness watches for insurance (especially if it under accounts steps by thousands by the end of the day). Wyze needs good field data to make a product development successful. Today I am going to wear the vivofit with the Wyze band on the same arm again and see if this underaccounting continues in day 2. It does look a little eccentric wearing 2 watches. Maybe I can set a new fashion trend :slight_smile: .

If you use your Wyze band for step counting it might not be very accurate. I tested mine against a GPS step measuring app and the Wyze steps was 1.5 more than the Gps. Sitting down swing your arm forward and back four times. You will be surprised to see the band counted the arm swing as steps. This should be easy to fix. We know a mile has an average of x amount of steps. Use the phone gps to add data to the bands steps app in the firmware.

I just glanced at my band and its saying I have 1185 steps after a full day I would expect to have around 10k. I am going to throw my fitbit on at the same time and see whats going on. Tried to reboot and charge to no effect.

Trying the fitness counter and it seems off somehow. I walked from the closet to my bed and was credited it’s 160 steps. Now as I lay in bed, it has magically given me another 16 steps. How do I calibrate they steps?my phone is on the nightstand, so I know it’s not tracking the phone movement. Any tips?

I haven’t found that option yet, but I believe the counter is more movement related. I was cleaning in my basement and didn’t do much walking, mostly me sorting through things so my hands were active. I registered like 2k steps during that time frame I didn’t really leave a 4 ft section. My phone was on the charger during my cleaning time so it definitely had nothing to do with my phone.

So far, I haven’t found a way to calibrate or modify the activity tracking. If you find one please post back!
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Yep, step counter is WAY off. I was sitting at my computer typing for about an hour, somehow I registered about 200 steps. Ironically, When I got up and walked around, I only registered another 20 steps. I counted about 50 myself and my iphone picked up 57.

There should be a calibration option which asks users to walk a certain number of steps. Since everyone is different, Wyze should have some kind of algorithm to “train” the sensors in the band to recognize what kind of motion is actually a step.

If someone tends to move their hands around a lot without actually moving, the band should recognize that and decrease the sensitivity for a period of time. My idea is the band would record different types of motion for the first week or two, and ask the user if he/she thinks its accurate.

A simpler alternative would be, comparing the number of steps the band registers with the number of steps a user’s smartphone picks up (if it supports step counting of course.) For an hour or so, the band would do a calibration. The user would be instructed to walk around as normal with their phone in their pocket, and the band would compare the measurements taken by the phone to its own measurements.

I understand this could be difficult to do with the Wyze band’s hardware but, this data could be anonymously sent back to Wyze, which would help in creating a more accurate step tracker. Similar to how person detection works.

I have a Fitbit and a Band next to each other on my wrist. I have done this test with other devices. Everything varies, depending most notably on how it is worn (clip vs band vs phone). The research I participated in found Fitbit to be the most accurate. Based on that, the Band under counts. But I don’t know how they determined the Fitbit to be the most accurate. A clip on the shoe surely would be the most accurate for steps logically. The general advice was pick one and go with it, forget comparing.

Checking the step count after a day of wearing the band ( firmware) says 1,139 steps at 0.56 miles, which is way lower than my iPhone says and also way less than I would expect. As for expectations, I walk my dogs around a loop of streets which measure roughly 3/4 mile or so, which makes the 0.56 miles already suspect. The iPhone 7 Health app history has my dog walks (not full-day) at 2,000-2,300 steps, which sounds more accurate from my route measuring on Google Maps.
On the walks I generally have a leash in each hand and my phone is in a front jeans pocket.

This morning I had to go to the grocery. The Fitbit doesn’t count well when pushing a cart. I noted the Band gave me more steps in the store than Fitbit. No idea why. I think it is wise to just pick one measuring device and stick with it.