WYZE Band Sleep Report in app

It would be really nice to get the Sleep report as it displays on the Band to show the timeline of how your night’s sleep was versus just getting stacked bar showing totals. So this way you can see approximately what times you are waking up and when you are in deep sleep vs light sleep patterns. The stacked bar really doesn’t provide the level of detail I was hoping for and honestly the view on the Band is so small it’s hard to view the details.

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that is a very valid point. I was hoping for something similar to what you were.


I just got my name yesterday afternoon. Right before I laid down to bed last night, the band already recorded me sleeping for 2 hours. I do get “lazy” towards the end of the night and don’t move much, even when I’m awake. I’ll give it a few more days to see if it records more accurately, but 0 for 1 so far.

Ive not delved deep into the meterics of how the sleep is calulated yet, but when you are awake yet not moving many of your boldily fuctions, one being pulse are higher then when you are asleep and yet again when you are in deep sleep known as REM sleep. considering the band does have the pulse recording every so often I wouldnt be suprised if theose are a factor in deciding if you are actually “asleep” vs laying in bed reading or something with very little movement but awake.

Oh, I agree. I didn’t mean to imply that “movement” was the only metric used. Like I said, I’ll give it a couple of more days just in case it’s trying to learn patterns or something else.

Just a sitting surprising to see that I’ve been asleep when I haven’t been… LOL.

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Also, didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I would like to see something similar to the OP’s request. More detail in the app would be nice.

Hello Wyze team,

I recently received my Wyze Band and am having a lot of fun with it!
But, something I noticed right away, is the graphs/timelines for your various activities can only be seen on the band.
So the detailed breakdown of when you were in heavy or light sleep for example, can only be viewed on the super tiny screen. Same goes for steps and heart-rate as well.

Why not make these graphs larger, more detailed, and explorable within the app?

If this information becomes exportable / linked to a more robust platform (EX google fit) I would feel like this was less of a problem to have it missing within the Wyze app itself.

Another thought, WYZE scale has my body weight, height, etc, and knows my calorie use for the day through just ‘breathing’ so to speak, why not have a way to factor that into the calorie burn readout given by the band for your ‘activity’? that would provide a more holistic view of your energy burn for the day.



@WyzeArthur stated they are working on a improved sleep page (and others) in the app


Came in this thread to note that I REALLY wish the data from the band would go into my Health app on iOS. Seems only the scale data is making it over.

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Would like to have the same or more detail in the Phone App activity reports as is available on the Band.

For example, the Sleep graph on the Band contains time slice data which is not available on the app. It would be nice to have nightly detailed hour by hour reports on the App.

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yeah the sleep page in the app is useless, hopefully they’ll have it updated soon

Agreed, I really hoped for something akin to the band display, even more granular.

Is the data designed to be exported to another app?
Something specific to sleep tracking?
Would make it soooo much more useful

Wyze Band People! Sleep-Band Graph-App. I just got my Wyze Band yesterday, slept with it on last night. I too am disappointed that the beautiful detailed tiny graph of sleep on my band, showing parts of sleep - deep and light does NOT show on the app where you should be able to see it clearly,

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I completely agree with this. I have been trying to find some way to view the graph other than the small 2/3 inch display where my eyes can barely read the text let alone the sleep cycles. Please have this data visible on the App in some way.

I have had to keep using my old Misfit band to do sleep tracking, and then swap out in the morning. Kinda disappointing.

Agreed. Fitbit graphing was much better and clearer. Those of us with sleep disorders need better tracking and ease of viewing. Would be great if a pulse oximeter could be added or connected to the band for complete sleep measurements.

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I agree with gerald.jilbert. Every morning, I take off my Wyze Band and bring screen on, quickly hold in front of my phone camera and take a picture. I have spent hours over time trying to make sense of the graph in the Wyze app of deep sleep/light sleep compared to the on band info, and I have concluded that ON the band the blue and purple percentages (just eyeballing) are REVERSE to the actual app percentages. In the app, I have been noting this difference for months.