Wyze Band shortcuts

I created shortcuts but when I click on them for say a light bulb it turns the bulb on and off right away. How do I get it to turn on and then turn off when I click the shortcut again? Thanks


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the shortcut can only have 1 on or off function, you have to create 2 shortcuts

So if you can only have 5 short cuts you can only basically operate 2 light bulbs?


in a shortcut you can control multiple bulbs etc at once, just keep adding actions

Please explain. I dont understand

if u had a group of bulbs, the shortcut would turn them all on/off etc

when creating the shortcut you hit the + sign to add an action. such as turn bulb on or off.
once youset one bulb the hit the + again to add another bulb or action…
you can keep adding action by doing so…

But each time I add an action it makes the light not work…makes zero sense to me that you need 2 out of the 5 allowed to be for 1 buld

I suspect you are missing something,in your actin setup,

I have 1 shortcut set in both our phones to turn off multiple lights and a second to turn them all back on.

another shortcut locks my door lock.

just keep working with it , you will get it to work with persistance… also google " add wyze shortcut" for more help.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can use a shortcut to toggle at this time. I wish you could. Maybe Wyze will work on improving the shortcuts, but it’s probably not going to happen right now.

Each shortcut will perform ALL the actions you set at once. If you set a single shortcut to turn a light on and then turn it off, It would immediately turn the light on and then back off going through all the actions in the order you have listed. There’s no option to set a delay and the shortcut doesn’t care what state the light is in.

If you have 2 shortcuts, one to turn on your lights and one to turn them off, the shortcut that turns on your lights will do nothing if your lights are already on and vice versa. Unfortunately, this is the only way to control lights with wyze shortcuts right now.

Hopefully Wyze can make an IFTTT action shortcut, which would act like the “do” button. That way, you would be able to control products from other manufacturers as well.

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It’s very disappointing that these shortcuts do not work as toggles. Before purchasing the Wyze band, I got the impression that I would be able to control all my wise products from the band however that is not even close to the case. I understand I can use Alexa to toggle my lights but some situations warrant a touch action instead of voice. I very rarely use the Shortcuts on my band and I thought it was going to be the main feature I used.

I’d like to be able to activate/deactivate motion tracking on the Pan Cam. It’s creepy to be followed around like that while I’m at home, but essential while away. Also, if the button on the band gave better feedback when pressed, like momentarily (or latched) change color to show that my press was registered.