Wyze Band Shortcuts User Guide

I noticed in the user guide in the app when it is showing how you can scroll sideways in some things on the watch rather than using the fitness section which does this it uses the shortcuts function and shows functions of shortcuts that is not actually something that function on the watch actually does.

Is what is displayed in the user guide the future plan for the shortcuts function on the watch? honestly that would make the shortcuts function a million times more useful.

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You made a good point. I don’t know why it shows some functionality in the user guide regarding swiping left to get to such items as Light: turn on/off, Light: warm/cold.

I also think it would be nice to have a more detailed user guide because it seems like a lot of the functionality is not known. Just for comparison purposes, on the Fitbit app, there is a detailed user guide to show how to use the Charge 2.

I created two shortcuts, both for two different bulbs I have paired. I initially I was confused as the shortcuts were not on the band. I went back to the App and noticed a second step is required, to move a shortcut from Available to Active. Now they show up on the Band.

Swiping is wonky, it works better to just tap an Icon as swiping can just cause the display to move up or down to the next icon.

This is what I am referring to. You will see it has tabs to swipe through. This is in the user guide on how to use the watch and it’s displaying the shortcuts option.