Wyze Band Shortcuts + Alexa trigger?

Okay. I know the Band has remote speaker functionality for Alexa. That was one of the main reasons for my purchase.

BUT, what I’d like to do is have a Shortcut on the band that when selected triggers a routine on Alexa.

Specifically, I hit a shortcut and have Alexa make a pre-programmed Announcement.

Say I have a routine set up on Alexa called “Medical Emergency” that when triggered sends an announcement to all my Echo Dots that I have an emergency in my room. Works fine, IF I can tell Alexa to trigger it. But could I trigger it from the Band’s Shortcuts menu?

So far there are NO medical alert devices that are Alexa compatible, so this would be the first! I know you can get Amazon Alexa Buttons that can trigger a Routine, so why not add that functionality to the Band?