Wyze Band Review - 5 days


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TLDR: 2 out of 5 stars - many issues that may get corrected

My Wyze background: I actively use 10 Wyze Cam v2, 3 motion sensors, 4 plugs, and 7 contact sensors. I am a fan.

Personal background: Daily runner (3.5 miles), technology professional, using Pixel 3, and Mi Band user for 2 years and a Mi Band fan. I was hoping the Wyze Band could be the US originated better band.

Battery: I am over 5 days and still at 65% battery. It is a trooper and will easily last about two weeks.

Display: Visible during my runs. Customer picture is cool.

Display Layout: Only 1 out of 5 layouts show steps. No measure or circle that fills up to show progress anywhere.

Shortcuts: I don’t use them in my current app. I disabled this from the menu. I was glad to have the option to remove it.

Notifications: The app icon waste screen space when the focus should be the message.

Run: Currently the only option for workout. My wife refuses to consider the watch until other options are available. My daily runs (with my phone for GPS) have been about 1 to 1.5 miles short. Also, I don’t want to scroll while running and checking my stats. Try to use one screen like the multi-day weather forecast. The current stats screen has wasted blank space.

Weather: Currently worthless. The main screen and multi-day screen shows different current weather temperatures. On the multi-day screen, did you mean “Today” instead of “now.” The current weather temp is always off by several degrees (up AND down). One day showed 14 degrees lower and another day show 12 degrees higher. I don’t even use it anymore. Yes, I have validated my location several times in the app.

Heart Rate: Works well when it works. I have been wearing the watch 24 hours a day. On the second full day it just had me flat lined for most of the day. On the third day it quick taking measurements and didn’t start back up for about 24 hours. (See image)

Alarm: Works good. Seems odd to be missing a snooze (like my Mi Band).

Find: This feature provides a puny jingle for a few seconds then stops. To find my phone it need it max out the volume and continually blast a noise until I find it. Again, check out the Mi Band.

Settings: Works great. All settings seem to match my adjustments.

Alexa: Currently clunky. A couple of times it has given me results for the previous question I asked.

Activity: (see image above) The steps it tracks are painfully low. My normal run is between 5,000 and 6,000 steps according to Mi Band and Google Fit. The Wyze Band is only recording less than 4,000 (estimated). The Running Record log doesn’t show steps (weird). I run the same path daily (yes, I am boring). One of my runs measured a flat 82 heart rate during the entire 30 minute run. Another case being highly inaccurate.

Another counting example, I live in a two story home. I can walk from my desk in the bonus room, down the hall, down the steps, to the kitchen and back. The band will record zero steps. When it does record steps it will only show 15-20. I generally track around 10,000 steps per day and the Wyze Band recorded 8,400 on my TOP day. Google Fit records more steps when my phone is in my pocket and I don’t always have it with me. The band never leaves my wrist.

General: Why does Alexa still work when the band screen is locked? This has woke me up multiple times when my other arm or my wife’s arm has laid across the watch during the night. Also, why does it have to vibrate every single time I press the button. I would like to turn this off. It doesn’t help anything and likely would extend the battery more.

Conclusion: The Mi Band 5 comes out in June and I will likely go back unless there is a drastic change. As a big fan of Wyze, I was happy jump on the watch when it came out. Maybe I am not the target demographic for the product.


Not a runner, but do sculpt yoga (yoga with weighs, straps, etc), stationary bike spinning, fitness and strength training classes. Want data on the fitness and toning exercises that are important to personal fitness. A runners module is fine; so how about other modules, e.g. calisthenics, weights, workouts, circuit training, tennis, etc

They only have a run option for now. No other workout options available.

  • Thank you for moving my post to the proper forum category. Sorry for the mistake.

  • I am confirming my firmware version as Someone in another forum said their firmware version is newer.

  • I am happy to submit logs or anything else to help.

As far as weather accuracy goes, it varies with all apps because they all don’t get the weather information from the same sensor source. For instance, my local news station get our temp from a sensor at the airport. Yet, there weather app get the info form Yahoo weather. So often they are off by a few degrees.

I would not have commented if it was a 2 or 3 degrees. I am talking 10+ in both directions.

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Activity: I updated to firmware It didn’t prompt me. I checked in the app and it offered. The step count seems to be much more accurate. I am also recording normal runs now (when it records). I run daily and use the band to track the run each time. It displays the full run at the end. The steps, distance and time look accurate. Then it doesn’t record in the app (see screenshot). You will also notice one day it recorded the same run twice. The band does keep all the steps from the run.

Battery: On 4/22, the app was showing 39%. I had not charged it since day one. I looked at my wrist around lunch and noticed it died. I recharged it to full and today (3 days later) it still shows 97%. The battery indicator seems to be unreliable. I am not complaining about the battery. It seems to be lasting a long time. My current plan is to charge it full every weekend regardless of what it says.

General: Alexa is still being triggered at annoying times while the band is locked. This is my biggest pain point now that the steps seem fixed. Edit: It isn’t just Alexa. It is the band button. It vibrates anytime anything touches it to include when it is locked. The vibration wakes me up at night. As of last night I can’t wear it to bed anymore until this gets fixed. I would prefer at least a toggle to turn the button off while locked. As I said before, I don’t understand why the watch responds when “locked.”

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Total agreement on all points; thanks for posting it. Two additions:

  1. Need additional band options; sweat-season started this week and I’m breaking out under it. The heart rate measurement didn’t work unless tightened down which traps the sweat against the skin. I’m not allergic to the band materials as documented.
  2. Charging cable is really short so an additional option for a 25cm cable would be nice.
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I’m seeing a disparity in the step count on what the band reports and what the Activity>Steps count is showing. The band will show count, say 502 and when I sync with the app it will also show 502 on the clock face and Activity icons, but when I go into the Activity screen Steps, it only shows 379. Any one else notice this?

I agree. On the multi-day screen weather screen, it seems like it should say"Today" instead of “Now.” It shows the high and low temps door each day.


Just sync’d the Band with the phone app. Step count, this morning, on the Band is 263. on the Activity screen it displays 196, with 10 cal on the Band and 8 cal on the Activity screen. Also, thinks I have a 29+" stride. Instead of 22" for my 5’6" frame. These ares are incorrect and unreliable, Am sure Wyze is fully aware of this. Anticipating some better software/firmware updates . . . soon!!!

Time to move on. I enjoyed the display although the font options don’t work for my aging eyes. I was hoping for an update to it. No dice! Best of Luck, Wyze.

I’m a little disappointed with this band as well. I had an Onvo previously, which was awesome with its features.
I received my Wyze bad on Sept 15, and have worn it almost every day.

  1. I had an issue when it got the last update where the app could no longer connect to the band, and the display just showed an unusual icon. (Don’t recall it exactly).
    Removing and adding the band back in the app resolved this issue.

  2. when I scroll to a section and tap the band, it scrolls to the next selection, instead of opening that section. I.E. If I go to Shortcuts, and tap, it scrolls to Activities. I have to deliberately press exactly on the screen to go into that section.

  3. When I shower with this band on, it starts behaving erratically. Will open different sections, and buzz a lot. Either its too sensitive to touch from the water, or it just isn’t really that water resistant.

  4. The band itself is causing a red ring around my wrist. This will not do.

  5. Alexa keeps piping up with a message she did not understand me. Turning her off now.

In summary, I like the features of the band, I control my lights and plugs with it and have the weather in an instant, along with notifications.
Fix the bugs and make a more hypo-allergenic band for it, and it will rock.

Kind of hard for them to change the Font options when the usable display is to freaking small, compared to the screen size. Something this tiny needs to have less information.

When I used to wear my Band everyday (except in the shower), I started to get a red ring around my wrist as well. Which is odd because when I used to wear a watch daily, this never happened. Did Wyze get some Chinese made silicone straps, instead of medical grade straps? Anyway, so now I only wear my Band at night or when exercising. But my biggest issue with the straps are that the snap one kept unsnapping and I almost lost my Band because of this once. And the clasp strap end keeps coming out of the loop, so it ends up flapping around often. Doesn’t seem like Wyze put much thought into this device. But then again this is what happens when a company starts making a lot of products. Fewer higher quality products are better than a lot of low quality products.

We still can’t delete uploaded background photo’s, yet Wyze just release yet another product. Can’t Wyze just fix what they already have on the market before making new products?!

+! with force! How about adding a negotiating 2.4ghz lock so us with mesh can get reliable re-connections… oh nope need a sprinkler control?? Sadly, not into Wyze now.