Wyze Band Replacement Bands / Straps

@LyV Last update on the band from Gwen.

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So awesome!!

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I agree. I have one spare clip left. We need both pack of clips and replacement straps. Different colors would be great, but I can live with just black.

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My last clip broke today too, seems to be a flawed design.

Add me to the list. Love the band, but broke one of the little clips after a couple of months. I’m currently using one from the second band, but see the need for replacements in the future. They definitely seem like a weak link in the design, so spares should be high priority.

I love my Wyze band watch. It would be great if you offered a metal band/strap. The option to buy more colored band strap would also be helpful.

Replacement bands, please! This one isn’t going to hold up… The end of the band keeps catching on things.

Already broke the band after little use. Haven’t found a way to get a replacement.

I messaged Wyze via Twitter and got a replacement sent to me when I had the same issue