Wyze Band Replacement Bands / Straps

Wish they would make it available.

Hopefully they will at some point… They did have poll on what colors we preferred.

My band has broken where it attaches to band face already
So I’d be in for a replacement too


Did you contact wyze about it? It should still be under warranty.

I’m actually even ok if a third party sold them like at aliexpress or eBay or something. But I think the band is a design they made rather than a rebadge.

Oh I thought it looked very familiar to the redmi band or xiaomi band mi 4c but I don’t know if the bands are cross compatible.

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Thank you for the thought. I’ll contact them to see. I like mine a lot.

That’s what I thought too but the bands are different. The mi band comes apart and there is a built in usb plug where the band itself attaches to recharge. Where as the wyze band has a clip with contacts to recharge.

That’s why I’m thinking the wyze band might not be a rebranded xiaomi mi band like the camera.

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Hello. Im new to this but I have a couple questions. Can you start selling replacement straps for the wyzeband on your store? Also when you go to listen to your cam on your phone it only plays over the external speaker. 85% of people are wearing bluetooth earbuds.It would be great to hear my cam thru my earbuds instead of having to stop and take my earbuds out so I can hear.
Thank you for great products and excellent customer support.

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Any chance the WYZE band will come in other colors or pattern?

Different colors are supposed to be coming in the future, but I haven’t heard a definite time on this yet.

I use the hole punch strap but these straps are hard to keep clean. I think I got some sprayed hand sanitizer on it and now it looks dirty all the time and nothing I’ve used to clean it help. I wear it when I’m working out so the fact that any amount of water on it causes issues is concerning. Would definitely suggest there be the option for different types of bands.

I broke my first band on my vacation this week. I like that they shipped with a 2nd band, but I really want to buy a replacement or two so I have spares. Please, either make them available or link us to ta compatible 3rd party one.

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Yes agreed. Wish Wyze would offer replacement bands. I prefer the sports version as it’s simple to put on and take off.

I tried looking at aliexpress cause they usually are good at knock offs and couldn’t find any.

no doubt. The band is totally crap. Mine broke too, only 4 months us. And wyze will not ship replacement out. Its useless without the clips. 3 broken in 4 months. They quite literally just fall apart. And customer support is crap too. What is going on people?

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Ok. Ok. Ok.

What about a wider band. Something that is for 8-8.5 wrist.

This band fits anemic women wrist great. But what about a mans wrist. If it’s got to be tight to be accurate it should fit the contour of a bigger wrist. I have worn mine day in and out switched wrist, still awkward. Half accurate.

If people are having problems just getting replacement bands, I must be SOL on man bands.


mine broke after 3 months of use. its basically the clip that broke so they are now useless. any way customer support will send a few of these – clearly a quality issue. even with wear & tear I expect it to last a couple of years (its meant for wearing daily

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I have the same problem. The band didn’t break but one clip broke and I lost the other one. I’ve used the two clips from my spare band, but if I break/lose another clip, I won’t be able to wear the Wyze Band.

I would like to be able to buy a 10 pack of clips for a reasonable price.

Any news on replacement straps; different sizes, colors?