Wyze Band Repeated Old Notifications

I just started having this issue in the last 3 or 4 days - I’m seeing an old notification appear on my Wyze Band over and over again. I don’t see the notification on my phone. I’ve tried clearing the Notifications on the band and restarting the device, but I keep seeing this old notification on the band, sometimes every few minutes.

Wyze App v2.12.31
iOS 13.6
Wyze Band Firmware v1.07.70, however, it was also occurring in v1.06.96.

The Wyze app upgraded to v2.12.50. Additionally, when working on another issue 688293 I was asked to clear the cache file in the app (Account tab > App Settings > clear Cache File), I no longer get the old notification displaying. Not sure if the app update or clearing the cache file fixed it.