Wyze Band (Regarding original band)

I was having a enjoyable time with the wyze band. For the money invested I really had nothing to complain about… until…missing wyze band…
I kept the original band, as I thought it was comfortable for me… but big mistake. The clasp…for lack of better word is rather weak and came undone several times.
.I figured I had it too tight … nope just weak binding system and now I’m out of my wyze band :disappointed:.
Easy come easy go I guess…I suggest improving that in the future as this may be a potential issue for many.

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Sorry you lost your band! I read about another user where the connection pieces to the band broke since it’s plastic. I’ve been using the watch style band and it seems secure. It’s not as hefty and durable feeling as my Fitbit charge 2 band though. However, even though the Fitbit had a sturdy feeling band, it broke on me due to a faulty design several times during the first year and after that too!

I like the how light the wyze band strap is. I think if they made it with a sturdier material it would be nice. It might add to the cost though.

I lost my wyze band, its connected but I can not hear the buzz. I wizh wyze company will updated it so that it rings when you push find my band… this sucks. But I know its in the house…

I don’t believe the wyze band has a speaker so it will not be able to ring. It can only vibrate.

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My snap style strap kept unsnapping often too. Also the watch style strap end keeps coming out of the end loop. And now I’ve noticed the mat finish is wearing smooth and shiny, plus now I have a red irritated wrist (not sure why all of a sudden). I wear my Band all the time except for in the shower. Please Wyze fix the Band strap issues.