Wyze Band Rash Anyone?

I used it many times before and nothing, yesterday kaboom rash. my wrist got swollen, and not related but my husband got covid after 4 vaccines … I love my watch and going to get me a band, seems oculous had the same issue with their goggles.

this is their response:
Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 7.10.33 PM


I tried posting to the forum, but the login said I had to disable my ad-blocker because of captcha. But I pass captcha all over the internet without doing anything.
Anyway I wanted to tell you that at long last I can wear my Wyze watch. I bought the following watchbands from Amazon for about $9. So far so good. I also replaced the bands with no tools at all. If I feel the least bit of tingle, I just push the band up my arm an apply a bit of cortisone cream, but that has not been required very much. There were 3 in the pack. Love the watch - hate the band.

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I am having the same issue. Really bad rash around my entire wrist up to where the actual watch starts and the band stops. Is Wyze aware of this and have they done anything to fix it?

They are well aware and basically don’t really care.
I suggest you take the band off wipe the silicone band down with alcohol and leave it off until your rash clears then try wearing the band again. That worked for me. I also leave the band on my wrist in the looser side rather then tight against my skin
I have had mine since the original band was sold. (really liked the original band that was attached but they changed that quickly)
It is ashame as they no longer are even selling the band. Guess they made the money they needed to move on to other devices.
Best of luck.

I believe the technical name for this is “contact dermatitis”. In some cases, it’s caused by an allergic reaction to products in the band, in others by irritation that damages your skin.

Different people have different reactions. My father had a reaction to the metal band and back of his watch and had to switch to a watch with a plastic band. Other people, as this thread shows, may react to particular kinds of plastics, so that switching to a leather or fabric band can offer some relief. Loosening the band may also reduce irritation.

WebMD suggests washing with mild soap and water, using hydrocortisone cream (if you have an allergic reaction) or applying moisturizer (if the problem is caused by the band rubbing).

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