Wyze Band Rash Anyone?

The watch with the leather band resolved the rash issue for me. I hope that works for you as well.

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Thank you!

I hope they offer a leather option for the Wyze Band too.

My rash was BAD! But I’m ecstatic with the new watch bands I bought on Amazon! Any 22mm band will work. With Easy Release, it took 10 seconds to snap both of them in. I’ve been wearing them for 2 months & they’re great! They’re made of stretchy fabric and fit all size wrists. I’m a plus size woman and there’s even extra room, if needed. A single band is $7, but I bought this cute 3 pack for $10.

Someone else posted that they messaged Wyze & received a new leather band for free. I did that and received it with no probs, but have not used it. Leather would still get sweaty, and these are so darn stretchy & comfy! Not to mention cute! (The leather was ugly green, I think the only
other option was ugly brown.) I definitely hope they fix the problem and offer replacement for the band, too. But for now this is a very quick, affordable solution.



Thank you for this info. I am buying the watch and bought a leather band from Wyze too. Maybe they will give me credit back for it or something if I show them my rash. I really want to use the fitness band instead of the watch but there are no leather options for that one.

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I have one of the original Wyze Bands and wear it 24/7 except when showering.
The original band finally cracked so I ordered replacement bands.
I replaced the original band with the new band and within 2 days I to have a horrible rash.
Interesting how the original band NEVER gave me a rash and lasted for years and the new bands almost instantly broke out.
There is something in these bands that is not right considering the above posts.
These bands need to pulled off the market.
And no there is no genetic issues with my skin as a wear a thin blue line silicone band on my other wrist for over 7 years with no issues.
Wyze needs to look into this issue but it appears they are to interested in selling new products and deserting the products that they started with and gave them their name and thus the $$$ to make the new products.
Wyze you are forgetting those that had faith in you and your products when you first started.

I just started experiencing similar reaction after maybe wearing for a month off and on. I never had issues with a single watch wrist band before but this is my 1st silicone band.

What is the metal buckle made of?

I sent Wyze a picture of my rash & they sent me a free leather band. I haven’t used it because I ended up finding some way better bands on Amazon. They are nylon & stretchy, so super cute & comfortable. I can wash them if needed. I’m in the South, so leather would still get sweaty. They installed super easily in less than 1 minute. They’re fully adjustable, too.

I agree with the previous post, Wyze needs to truly address the issue & fix it as a whole. I have the Wyze watch 47 & these fit great, but any 22mm strap works. Look up the size of your band & order a replacement, or contact Wyze. I paid $10 for 3 bands on Amazon (1 costs $6…link below). Best wishes!


WNIPH 22mm Nylon Elastic Watch…


Ii have a similar.rash. I’ve had my watch since September or October with no problem, but just last week I noticed an itchy red band on my wrist when I took it off to shower. I wiped the band down well and really well and have had no problem since. I thought it was maybe a reaction to moisturizer or perfume or something.
Just today, after a sweaty workout, I’m noticing a bit of reaction again.
I had no idea there was a leather band option.

Unfortunately there is no other replacement band that would fit the Wyze Band.
I am glad you found a replacement band for your Wyze Watch
There has been no leather replacement made for the Wyze Band to my knowledge.

Thank you for the link to a possible replacement band for your Wyze Watch however there is no replacement for the Wyze Band which was produced prior to the Wyze Watches.
I truly appreciate your attempt to share a possible alternative to those with the Wyze Watch.

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Me too. Doesn’t Wyze read these and offer an alternative? Their only suggestion is to take it off. It takes at least a week for the rash to go away, plus you have to wash the dead skin off the watchband.

Wyze would have to actually care about the issue which is obvious they don’t.

They have moved on to other products which we helped to fund by buying their original products.

I have lost all faith in their sincerity. Their only concern is how quickly they can turn out the next product.

I loved my band but it is not worth the rash it gives me with the replacement bands they made for a period of time for the band

The replacement bands for their watches do not work on the band.

I have the same problem with Wyze Watch 44mm band which I don’t THINK is replaceable.

WacoJohn, u should be able to replace it with any 22mm band. I posted a link to a great one on Amazon a few posts up. Here’s the specs for your watch. If you contact Wyze directly and send them a picture of your rash, they should be able to send you a replacement strap for free. I like the ones on Amazon better.

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so far, so good on the new 47, but I have only been wearing it 1.5 days (though I have very sensitive skin). I sure would to buy an elastic band, however, it is SLOW to get it off and on the the little nub on the slider ring. right now it is a magnet for dry/flaky skin, too, but I assume that will lessen over time.

So sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your input. I do see now it is replaceable and will take your advice. Thanks again.

I also got the same rash… I had the prior wyze band with no troubles along with a Garmin as well. With this many people having issues, I would believe it’s an issue with the materials used in the bands. It’s really a shame as I like the functionality of it.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that they even care anymore about the band
They have not done any updates for over a year and as far as the rash they never even acknowledged the issue
I love my band as it is a original release and pray it continues to run for a long time to come BUT the rash issue is a huge detriment.

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I hadn’t realized that watch rash was such a widespread thing.


I, too, am one of the many.