Wyze Band Rash Anyone?

I got a Wyze band in October 2020 to replace my wife’s older Fitbit.

After about 3 days, she developed a rash on her wrist near where the band buckle closed.

I figured she just had sensitive skin and didn’t think much of it.

We passed on the Wyze Band to my 11-year-old son recently and he also got a rash after wearing it for about a week.

My wife’s Fitbit does not give her a rash and she’s been wearing it for over 2 years.

2 Things:

  1. Is anyone else getting rashes?

  2. I would like to bring it to Wyze’s attention so they can address the issue if necessary.

  3. Does anyone know of replacement bands that are different materials that may not cause a rash? I checked on amazon and can’t find any.

Oops, that was 3 things. :grin:

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My rash is worse than that.

Have to take it off for a few days before I can wear it again.

Strange, my Pebble watch that I wear on my other arm gives me just a slight rash.


Yeah, it’s probably a genetic allergic reaction your wife has that was genetically passed on to your son. There have been reports of people with eczema, allergies or sensitivity to silicones having some skin irritation to this (and similar) bands.

Similarly, I have a friend who is allergic to most metal in the same way. She can’t wear most any jewelry, or watches, or even most lotion (apparently most lotions actually have metal in them that also makes her break out in similar rashes).

I have seen similar concerns of skin irritation from almost every kind of band or smart watch, depending on the person’s individual genetic sensitivity to the different materials they have (I met people allergic to the Apple Watches, etc too)

I don’t believe there are other kinds of materials available for replacement bands currently. Might just need to get something else if they’re allergic to it.

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Im going to try the Wyze watch for my son when it is back in stock but I’m hoping the watch’s band is not made of the same material as the wyzeband band.

I’ll report back if there is a rash from the Wyze watch as well.

Yes I got a rash too. I’m hoping the Wyze Watch will be better.

I have a rash on my wrist from the band too. Never experience a rash with any other kind of watch band. What can be done?

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I have a rash too…

The Rash was greatly reduced by loosening the band, I had it very tight on my wrist.

I thought loosening it would affect the readings, but it didn’t.


Yes. I have to take it off at night or when I am sweating. I get the same rash under a yellow gold ring or watch. But I doubt if the band has gold in it!

I also developed a rash on my wrist from the Wyze Watch within a few days. Listening the band did not help. This is the first time that a watch has causeed a rash for me. I wore the Wyze Band for about a year with no issues at all. There is something different about the band on the wyze watch that is causing issues for me. Has anybody contacted support or heard from Wyze based on postings in this forum?

Any watch with a synthetic band will give me a rash. The Wyze silicone band was no exception to that. I will replace it with a leather band, which usually doesn’t give me a rash.

I have been wearing watches for along time and never had any issue with the bands, from casio to a lot of different manufacturers.

But two days of the Wyze watch 47 turned out like that:

Yes, both my wife and I have nasty rash from the watch. We both wore the smaller “Wyze band” version for virtually the entire time it was available (bought it day 1). No rash from the Whyze Band. My Wyze watch rash peeled all the skin off… it was that bad. I waited for it to heal completely before putting the watch on again. Within 24 hours, same rash came back. I caught it early enough this time that the peel was minimal. But did still have a peel this time as well…

They send me a leather band and that fixed it, there is definitely an issue with the band.
I had a nasty peel, took about 3/4 days to even consider putting something else on that wrist.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. Take a picture of your wrist and send it to them, they should send you a leather strap. They don’t have any black.

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