Wyze Band original band rubber 'pin' style

The original release band came with a ‘rubber pin’ style strap and a traditional watch style band. Unfortunately, that strap disintegrated within a 3 or 4 month timeline. Attachment pins broke, then once replaced the strap ends that the pins hold also fell apart.

Now it is no longer available. I liked that style strap, well, except that it fell apart in a few months. The other more ‘watch style’ fastener strap seems to catch on lots of things. The other, original had a more sleek profile.

PLEASE bring this strap back. If it’s a design thing, redesign it . Source from better supplier, whatever. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

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Same here… mine broke too and they replaced it with another regular strap. I was happy they replaced it but agree the pin strap was much better