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Got my Wyze Band today and after using it for two hours, I have made a few observations which I’d like to bring to the Wyze team’s attention. Pardon me if these issues have been raised in other forum posts as I haven’t possibly read all of them. Also, this may be a long post. Settle in.

  1. First of all, is there a way to turn OFF the Wyze Band? Can’t find it in the instructional material or band settings (which only has Reset and Reboot options). I use several fitness bands and I would like the option to turn it off and conserve battery life when not in use rather than let it drain to 0% and shut off.

  2. The vibrator motor has only one intensity which I consider rather jarring. Are there future firmware options to modulate this intensity? A less startling pulse would be welcome.

  3. There is a persistent Wyze app notification icon on the top status bar of my Android phone (Galaxy Note 10+, Android 10(Q), WyzeBeta app). Cosmetic, maybe but I dislike the clutter. I know the Wyze app has to run in the background for notifications and Alexa to work, but no other app that runs in the background (GMail, for instance) leaves an icon there. Even when I get Wyze notifications for my cameras, the icon doesn’t stick around so I don’t know why the band has it always present. Turning off said icon in the notification bar settings (which dismisses it) also turns off all Wyze notifications, which isn’t desirable.

I am still fiddling about with the band and I will make other observations here if I consider them relevant.

Thank you…


One of the few that has had zero problems with the Band. It took less than 30 seconds to get up and running and took probably 1 min to update.
I am very pleased with the WYZE band. Alexa integration works to a point, i have to play with it some more to give feedback on that.
Samsung Galaxy 9+ BT connection is solid since it updated to the newest version. I am running the wyze beta app and the WCO version. Solid on both. Just waiting for the scale to arrive to try it out. Just wanted to give a positive report to the WYZE team for a job well done.

Good for you. I haven’t still been able to get Alexa to work on mine. It never hears anything.

@CxA, if you toggle the app notification in the phone setting screen, then those little things will go away. And you will continue to get the normal Wyze app notifications.

They come back if the app or a service restarts, but just repeat the process. I usually have to toggle them once a day/

I agree, there needs to be a way to turn it off, and I would definitely like the option to reduce vibration intensity.

And turn it off as well.

Please don’t think I don’t take your suggestion seriously, because I was thinking the same thing when I first got my Band.

But, if there was an option to turn it off completely, how would you turn it back on? I suggest being able to put it into a “deep sleep mode.” To wake it up would require a long press on the face, maybe.

Probably like when I turn my Apple Watch on or off. It’s a long press of a button. Presumably Wyze could configure the button on the face to respond to a long press as an on/off toggle?

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One easy suggestion - 24 hour clock. It looks stupid when the displayed time is 09:37 am. Just go with 0937 or 2137. Other than that … fantastic battery life.

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@bmcgrain Welcome to the Wyze community! You can hop over to the #roadmap thread and join the discussion on 24 hour time. This topic is currently in-development.

If the Wyze team would like me to pen test their band, too, just sent me one @WyzeGwendolyn

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