Wyze band notifications show up twice, and clearing old notifications

Getting notifications on my band is pretty great, and I’m enjoying it so far, but I’ve noticed that for basically every app besides wyze, I get every notification twice. It’s a slight annoyance.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that when I clear an app on my phone, it doesn’t get cleared on my band. It would be awesome if notifications were totally synced between the two.

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Are you sure the double notifications is a band feature and not your phone? I know on my iPhone I have the ability to toggle ‘Repeat Alerts’ on or off in the notifications setting.
Clearing the notifications is a two step process… one for the phone and one for the band.

Yes, this is annoying to me as well. I’m hoping the firmware update I just read about will fix this.

To delete old notifications on the Wyze band, tap on notifications and swipe down. Tap the clear icon.

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Yes, I know how to delete the alerts. The point is that when I get an alert, I get the same alert twice.

This is what I mean, I get a notification form twitter on my phone, and I see it twice on my band.

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That is strange behavior. I’m not seeing anything like that on my Band. The Band is in its early stages and Wyze is working on several improvements. So hopefully a new update will correct that issue for you.

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That is odd…I thought you meant it would repeat the same notification (shortly after) the first one. Not at the same time. If you haven’t already, I would open the app and use the ‘Report an issue’ under the … menu (top right corner on app home page). This creates a log file to send to Wyze tech’s to help ID the issue. It also starts a case file for you incase replacement is needed.


Early stages…really? Maybe Wyze should have properly tested the software BEFORE selling the product. I’m so sick of being a free beta tester.

Umm, I agree. So why, knowing what you know, did you buy the very first version of a product? Not only that you bought a limited edition of the product specifically called “Early Access”?

Unlike Apple which released an obviously not ready for prime time version of iOS in version 13? It took them 3 releases to get 13 to be minimally stable.

And Android, and Ring, and Amazon. Point I am making is anyone that can read knows that early adopters always end up being testers.

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My double notifications are wired. The icon on the second notification is always a green chat icon. Regardless of the first notification’s color or icon image.

This isn’t a “limited edition”. Where are you getting that? Yes, I got it under the Early Access program. That just means some of us got it before it’s available for sale to everyone else.

And you just made my point about the industry as a whole, when other companies release unfinished software for their products. That doesn’t make it okay and consumers shouldn’t accept this practice. Making the software better due to customer feedback is one thing, but knowingly allowing bug ridden software to enter the market is just lazy.

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Limited numbers in the early release. Limited edition was a poor choice of words.

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Have you tried disabling Twitter from the notifications in the Wyze app, then rebooting the device, and adding Twitter again in the notifications?

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I’m getting double notifications on my band as well. I’ve noticed it’s mainly for text messages so far on Android. Sometimes I will get 2 notifications for one message and then a couple of minutes later I get another notification for the same message. I also noticed it showed up a notification that appeared like it was a group message even though there were 2 individual texts from different people. Do you use the Google messages app? I’ll have to keep an eye out for other apps though.

It seems Android specific but maybe if anyone with iOS has an issue with that, they will chime in. I know a couple mavens on iOS that don’t have the issue. Did you report it as an issue yet in the wyze app in the band section?

@LawnPaul I haven’t noticed a trend with those green icons yet…Sometimes it looks like a Google hangout message, sometimes it is green looking text message with 3 dots, and other times a text message will have both icons.

I am also getting duplicate notifications.
I have Samsung S10E and use message app Textra not the Samsung messenger or Google messaging app.
It appears almost all messages are duplicated.
For the price of the band I just delete the duplicate.
It would be nice however to only receive one notification.

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I’m getting 2-7 duplicate notifications for messages using the Android messages app. I reported the issue.