Wyze Band notifications not working

I received the Wyze Band a few days ago, and firstly, good product for so little cost.

But I’m having a little trouble getting some things to work.

  1. I’m not receiving any notifications to the phone. I have enabled notifications in the Wyze app, and allowed Gmail and a couple other apps through, but notifications never seem to appear on the watch. I checked the Android settings, and all Wyze notification types are allowed.

  2. Even if these notifications worked, I’m unable to enable phone or SMS notifications. I get an error saying, “This function will be available after Google Play grants the permission.”. I’m not sure where to enable that permission.

  3. While I can ping the band using the “find” feature, I can’t ping the phone from the band.

These all seem to boil down to an issue with running in the background. I have a OnePlus device, which doesn’t show up in the “Running in the Background” list of phone models. I have disabled battery optimization for Wyze, but I’m not sure if there’s another setting I should alter.

Any ideas?


I do have access to the Wyze shortcuts, though, and Android does indicate that Wyze is running in the background. So this might not be the issue.

Hi, @buggaby! What app version are you using? Take a look at this thread below. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also having the same issue with Gmail notifications not working. I added my Gmail to Outlook and they come through there but just not from the official app.

I’m running the Wyze Beta app version 2.10.32
Just noticed there was a firmware update. Ran that and still doesn’t work. Now running

Gmail notifications not working.

@sbirchfield Confirm that you have Gmail notifications turned on. I had the same issue until I allowed notification for Gmail.

I suspected there was something like that. I’m not running the beta. Happy to wait. Thanks.

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