Wyze band notifications not coming in for 1 contact

Hi All, loving the Wyze band but I’m having quite an odd problem. I have one contact that the Wyze band is not notifying me from Google messages app.

All other contacts come through. They are not silenced, not on do not disturb, They’re setup no differently than any other contact but I’m out of ideas. Anyone else experience this? Thanks all for your time on this!


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Do you have both text messaging and google messages turned on in your notifications settings on the wyze band part of the app? I only had text messaging turned on and it didn’t work but that’s because I have RCS so I had to enable google messages in the notifications settings too.

I did have both on to begin with and that makes sense with the RCS not being picked up by just having text message notifications turned on. Only issue I had was when I turned on the messages app along with text message I started getting double messages.

Did you find another setting that would limit the notification so no double notifications? If not, prolly something for the future.

Thanks so much for the reply, I’m going to turn it back on and see where that gets me.

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No problem. I found out about this in this post by @zerohalo so he deserves some credit too! :wink:

I’m actually getting triple notifications from messages sometimes. I’m going to turn off the text message notification to see if that helps. I haven’t reported the issue though yet.

I’m getting double for sure, and I did disable text notifications, leaving messages notifications on and I get double, otherwise it was triple with text notifications and messages turned on.

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