WYZE Band Notifications Keep Disabling By Itself

Is anyone else having trouble with the WYZE Band disabling notifications on a regular basis? I noticed I wasn’t getting notifications and went to settings in the WYZE app under notifications and “Allow Notifications on Band” was turned off. I turn it on and I receive notifications all day. Next day I realize I’m not receiving them again. Go back to settings and find it off again. The cycle has been repeating for days. Any ideas? I’m using an Iphone 11 Pro

I haven’t seen this issue on my Android. Are the Band FW and Wyze app up to date?

I would report this issue to Wyze Support if you haven’t already.

Open the Wyze app go to Wyze Band > top right ( … ) > Report an Issue > Submit a Log

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Ive submitted a log over a week ago. Still happens on a daily basis. Hope there is a fix soon