Wyze Band not working as intended?

Hi there,

I walked 7 miles yesterday. I phone picked up over 5,000 steps. In the Wyze app, it displayed, but it would never work with posting miles.
A day later, the Wyze app is showing that only 243 steps were taken.

Wyze Band doesn’t seem to work as it was built. It’s not displaying correct information, and I am using the Wyze Band to test. I may have to go back to my other band, as right now, Wyze Band isn’t that good.

Hopefully I can get some tips or advice on how to fix this, and/or wait for a system update.

Thanks. Love the products, and love testing them out.
Too bad the Wyze Band isn’t as impressive as the other products. I’m even using the Wyze Scale and that’s been working great.

Did another trail walk today. 5387 steps displayed on Wyze band.
Only displays 4932 steps in Activity screen.

This is not a fix, but an observation. I have found it takes some time (hours), and possibly repeated sync cycles between the band and the phone app to have the same readings. This seems to apply to both sleep as well as steps, in my experience. This morning, my band said I slept for 11 hours (I wish!), but the app showed 7’ 30", which I think is closer to accurate.

I have not paid as close attention to the discrepancies in the step count, but I think similar things are happening.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked now, and both of my reports display the same through the Wyze phone app, as reported in this topic. The steps are not displaying correctly on either days. I had thought to give it time and check, but I gave it a week and it’s displaying the same, unfortunately, incorrect readings.

Activity through the phone app is broken, it seems.

Seems for you, it’s reverse. For me the band seems accurate, as tested with the other health app on the iPhone, but in the Wyze App, it doesn’t work.

Also, my sleep doesn’t work most days. I’ve been wearing the band, and it’s skipping days.