Wyze Band not sending Text or Phone notices

My band does notify me with camera motion detections, alarm system, facebook messenger, which I have chosen. When I try to select phone call or text message, it says “This function will be available after Google Play grants the permission”. Does this mean we have to wait for Google on this, or do I need a different text or phone app?? I have Samsung galaxy s7 Android phone.

It is currently available in the beta version of the app, so you could download the beta version or wait for it to release fully.


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Which app version do you have? Beta or production app?

production app.

I really don’t know what the beta version is. I have about 7 + of the wise cams, and I am afraid I may mess something up with them if I switch everything to beta.

What exactly would that do to the rest of my devices?



I don’t think you need the beta app for it to work. I would keep the production app. I remember getting that message too before. What version of the production app do you have?

firmware shows


Actually it looks like @Jason21271 said it was only available on the beta app. I actually have it on the production app v2.10.36 and it works. let me see if anyone is using it on the production app on the @Mavens team.

You can upgrade a device while on the beta app, then subsequently switch back to the production app. I for instance upgrade our cameras to beta firmware often. My wife however is always on the production app. So you can interoperate although I would imagine there are potential issues.

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Thanks! I am just afraid to change all my cameras to the beta version. I will mess something up I am sure!