Wyze Band Not ready for prime time

The title only begins to summarize my frustration. Who else has reached this conclusion and if you did and found the magic bullet please share

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I agree ! Seems to be the norm now with product released in early access . Not ready … I wish Wyze would share their overall plan for the product and help us understand where they are going with it . Is it going have more features and integration ? And a how about a timeline for these improvements.
After finding out I can’t use the Wyze Band while sharing one account with my Wife I have given up on the Band . Also the Lock improvements have seem to stalled . Battery life if ridiculous . On my 3rd set now. Lack of improvements might be due to Covid 19 and staffing issues but if they would share their timeline for improvements and releases even if delayed would help us understand if we are going to invest any more time and frustration into the product .

What do you mean you’re on your 3rd set? Have you had your Wyze Band replaced?

But honestly, the Band is just a fitness tracker. What more should this product do? It’s bad enough our cell phones have gone smart nuts. Can’t a product just focus on one or a few things well?


The Band wasn’t ready for my prime time. I made more than 15 attempts to pair the Band exactly in accordance with instructions with no success. Tech Support recommended I try the identical steps that already resulted in failure. After eleven days of this, I was never able to get the Band to pair with the App on a Galaxy S4 phone. I returned the Band for a refund.

A fitness tracker with a frozen black screen is not very helpful as a fitness tracker.