Wyze band missing alot of activity

Anyone else with the band missing alot of activity like steps? I hardly ever take it off, was moving around alot yesterday my watch (fossil gen 5) picked up over 6000 steps while the band only picked up 490 steps, This is the 3rd day this week that it’s clocked alot less then my watch.
I set my phone to whitelist wyze app so I never get any connection issue between the device and the phone.
Any thoughts?


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Mine is often half or slightly over half what my iPhone claims as steps. This past Sunday the band claims 6 steps and the iPhone has 2,959 so something spectacularly wrong happened there. (Yes, I was wearing it — it has heart data.)

Hard to say if the app just failed to sync from the band though, as I didn’t see what the band said for Sunday and can’t check it now.

I still need to measure my dog walk route on Google Maps to get a real life distance but the iPhone seems closer.

Yesterday the band decided to disable the Bluetooth and I couldn’t get it to connect anymore at all. Tried everything from shutting down phone turning on and off Bluetooth on phone and even restarting band nothing worked.

Ended up having to pretty much factory reset band. I’ll see if the steps stay up to date and more accurate now.

Today is the first day the Band showed more activity steps than the iPhone did, and oddly haven’t upgraded the firmware or done anything that I would expect to make a difference (still on iPhone reported 2,658 steps and Band said 2,830 steps.