Wyze band might be reporting charging levels incorrectly

I’ve seen a number of reviews talking about how battery life drops off dramatically after the 2nd charge. I experienced the same, but I think I may have found the culprit.

I received the band and wore it for more than a week before it needed charging. I put it on the charger until it reported being fully charged, but then it only lasted a couple of days. This repeated several times.

Most recently, I got frustrated and left it at home on the charger all day. Now it seems to be holding the charge much better than before. I think the issue might not be so much with holding a charge. Maybe the problem is that the band is reporting fully charged when it isn’t? If so, the workaround could be to leave it on the charger long after it reports fully charged.

Anybody else notice a similar behavior?


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Apologies for posting in the wrong place. I thought I’d seen visible reviews on the website.

Regardless, my impression here was wrong. On the 2nd day now since charge and the battery is already over halfway drained. Definitely an issue here, and not just with the charging indicator.

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