Wyze Band Lost Connection - would not reconnect > SOLVED

This Sat am when Clicking on my Wyze Band in the Wyze App, it said not connected, tap to retry.
That happened yesterday and clicked on “reboot” in the “Settings” on the Band. That worked.
Not today though.

Clicked on “Help” in the Wyze App where it said to Tap to Retry.
The answer WAS there although I didn’t know it.

Finally by accident, from my Band I clicked on “Find my Phone”…
My Wife’s phone started ringing !

Apparently the band paired with her phone (we both have Android OS vs 10)

I turned off her bluetooth and my phone immediately paired with the Band.
No codes or prompts needed to pair.
The band’s device name in the phone’s bluetooth … “mini lifejacket jolt” ??

I had updated the Wyze app on Google Play this Sat am, not sure it this was the cause, or just a coincidence.

All seems ok now


I just got my Wyze band today and paired properly however I continue to get the connection lost message. When I open my phone the sync screen shows and it syncs correctly. What is happening?

I don’t know… yet. The device is still too new for me.


Same. Paired with phone yesterday. All set up. Was working fine. Today no connectivity.
UPDATE: Deleted my device from app settings. Redid the set up. Now working.

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There is a large discussion on this issue here

Is your wyzebeta app running properly in the background? You should always see it in the notifications area. You may need to tell your phone not to optimize that app, in case it’s getting shutdown.

I’ve only seen my wyzebeta app not stay in the notifications area when my phone installed an app update and the app closed.

I deleted my device connection and reconnected. It has been connected ever since and is working now.

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Hello all, as I too had this issue I thought I would share the best way I have found to correct this.

First the disconnects are to be expected as the further you get from your iPhone or Android, bluetooth is out of range. It should reconnect when your closer to your device.

The second is the real issue. Each night I turn off my iPhone and in the morning when I turn it back on the Band will not reconnect leaving us to basically start over again losing and and all information defeating the whole point of say the heart monitor.

Simple Fix:
1: On your iPhone or Android open Bluetooth settings and locate your Wyze Band.
2: Select the Wyze Band and choose Forget Device.
3: It should automatically reconnect to Bluetooth as long as the close to each other.
4: Close Bluetooth settings and open Wyze app selecting your Wyze Band.
5: It should trigger the PAIR process and it will start the re-sync/reconnect process and update all data.

No data lost and no starting over from scratch!

This will need to be done each morning in my case but it works fine for now.

Hope this helps someone while we wait for a fix to the Bluetooth process in the firmware.


It solved my connection issue. There is a bug. I hope it can be fixed soon by the wyze company

Why have all the threads (we were on problem solving) about the Wyze band issues been deleted? @triton67 @rebelsun2000

The threads have probably been moved to the #early-access section of the forum, that is where discussion is supposed to remain until public launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets moved also in time.

“Public launch” are They not available for the public yet? They were/are on Wyze.com :thinking:

They are listed, but as “out of stock”. Once a product has sold out on EA, it remains sold out until they are ready for the general release.

They did the same thing with the lock.

They usually have a set amount they sell and they call it Early Access, once those sell out they are gone until they go forward with the full scale release which is usually a month or so later.

I have two Wyze Cams, a Wyze Lock, and very recently a Wyze Band all on two iPhones and an iPad shared with my wife. Virtually no problems until the Band arrived. When I installed the Band on my iPhone it also got installed on the other two, which is not necessary since the Band is mine. The problem was one of the other two would hijack my Blue Tooth connection. When I remove Band from one or both of the intruders it goes AWOL on my phone. Reinstall puts Band on the three devices. It seems that I am unable to isolate Band to my phone only. If my wife had her own account would I be able to share Wyze Lock but no other device with her?

Same issues too… will be following this thread. Thank you for sharing.


Same here… Wife and I both have Android OS 10 phones.

Every am I have to turn off her bluetooth, then connect my band with my phone.
Then turn her bluetooth back on.

Now I’m good all day…


With the Wyze band you can not share an account with others. Since setting up an account for my wife my band has paried flawlessly for over a week now. You can share any of the devices you need to including the lock. I have found the auto unlock feature actually works much better now since the geofencing is no longer confused if one phone is home when another comes into range.

There is still the issue of the having a phone and ipad on the same account which will need to be addressed but for now I just leave the wyze app closed on my ipad unless I am using it.

For the record my Band has been connected almost continuously for the past 10 days only disconnecting when I am out of range of my phone but reconnecting automatically once I am in range. I am using an IphoneX and and Ipad with bluetooth on for both devices but the Wyze app closed on the ipad except when I am using it. I am running the standard wyze app not the beta.