Wyze Band Issue Updates - 05/12/2020

Mine too! Very happy with it! Even using it to open and close my living room drapes!

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Maybe it’s your iPhone. I have an Android Moto X4 and the Wyze Band is working perfectly with it. I’m sitting right here in the living room and turning lights on and off and opening and closing our drapes and Alexa is giving me weather updates requested by me from my Wyze Band.
I am also surprised by how long a charge lasts.


Nope. Tried two different iPhones. Most recently the new iPhone SE (2020). Submitted over a dozen tickets to Wyze with no response. Reached out to “customer care” and they had me go through all of the stuff in the troubleshooting that I’ve already done. The back and forth became so time consuming that I told them to forget it and threw the band in a drawer. I offered to mail it back to Wyze if they would send a mailing label…

It was mentioned in the first bullet point about the battery drain. they stopped that firmware from going out to more people after a few people got it and reported the battery drain issue. " Bug fixes and the battery drain issue
We have been working on a firmware update that should fix most of the reported issues. It was gray-released for broader testing two weeks ago and it was reported to reduce battery life to 2~3 days for some users. Thanks to you, we stopped the update from releasing to all users."

I have android v2.10.74.
I am still getting persistant “band connection is running” notifications.
Can’t be cleared.

You can clear it as shown here.


FYI only showing downchannelservice not wyzebandservice. that did get rid of it…naming could be better.

I’d buy it for the cost of a mailing label! Anyone on this forum who is fed up with any Wyze products and at their wit’s end, just PM me with a fair price. I might possibly be interested in buying the item. Bands, Cams, Sensors, plugs, scale, not so interested in door locks or thermometers, but not out of the question for the right price. Not seeking it for free, but keep in mind anyone can buy a new one for full price directly from Wyze.


Last night my band was stuck on the clock face. The band would light up if I tapped it. I could not navigate off the watch face. The tactical response from the line at the bottom was not working. I used the App to reset the band, now it is working as before. The band was recording as normal, I can see my heartbeat for example for the entire night.

Here are the issues I’ve had.

  1. Battery lasts a long time, but it seems to get stuck at 60 for a while and then withing a day, it plummeted to 30 and then 0 in one day. The calibration seems off.

  2. Steps and sleep seem way off. Yesterday it was almost 8pm and it said I had 7 steps. Other times, it’s told me I have had 16hrs sleep.

2a. The display on the watch is wrong, but when synced, it seemed more accurate.

  1. The band connection is running is a bit annoying. I hink it might be related to how Android kills processes and it’s a way to make sure it doesn’t kill it.

  2. Combing the geofence and band notifications would be good. To take up two notification spots is annoying. I’d rather have you tell people how to disable battery saver on them and prevent them from being killed by Android.

  3. I’m not sure if this the band or geofencing that is CRUSHING my battery on my phone. It just drains and drains and drains.

  4. Disabling Alexa is a good idea. Having an option.

  5. The notifications aren’t that helpful. It seemed like a good idea, but the gui is clunky. Seems to take more time than it’s worth.

  6. I find myself having to touch the screen for it to turn on just to check the time. I find the wrist sensor / gyro to be unreliable. Even when I deliberately retwist my wrists and it won’t turn on.

  7. Alexa seems to work well, but the first time it connects, it takes a while. Would it be possible to do maybe a double or triple tap rather than having to hold it down for 2 seconds? Sounds silly, but when you want to run multiple commands, two seconds do add up. Or, maybe, a pattern of taps? Ie on tap on the top and bottom? Something that would avoid accidental activations.

  8. The app data chart for could be so much better! Let us expand the data by hour or let us zoom in. I want to see what hours and such I wa sleeping. I want to see closer up on my bpm. A high and low isn’t helpful. I want to see more.

I really love the band it comes with. It was a good option and I didn’t think I would.

I am still not receiving notifications from native text messages from iPhone. Neither SMS (iPhone) or non-SMS (android) messages come through to my Band

Other messages, whatsapp, ebay, payal, wyze camera otifications all come through. Just not any text messages

Bugs or not I purchased a Wyze Band via early access and never received mine. When I contacted support they ordered me another one. that was OVER a month ago. Replacement ordered 4/17/2020 and I still have NO Wyze Band and in my account since order was placed just shows “Holded” I reached out to support again last Friday and received an automated email I would be contacted In 1-3 days. Well I still have not been contacted. I just want what I paid for or refund. Direct me to somewhere that will help. Thanks

Frustrated but loyal Wyze customer.

I have both iPhone and Android, Band works fine on either. I accept some odd behavior as it is pre-release. That’s what beta is about. Main “surprise” was a need to leave Wyze app running, other than that, waiting for the Band to be ready for the Alexa command was a simple learned adjustment. If you wait for prompt to be ready, no problems with the execution. The acknowledgements to commands do need fixed, as I will receive an “an empty caption” response after a successful command execution.

Beyond that, $20 for convenient Alexa access when away from echos, notifications and email/message preview on wrist… Not bad!

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Very well said! I too am a happy early adopter!

Recently I have been having a strange problem with the phone app. When I try to open it, it just crashes. Relaunching does not fix it. I have to reboot my phone to get the app to work again. EDIT: This is still happening. A couple of times today. Black screen, as if band just shut off or something. Had to launch phone app which fails to sync 1st try, syncs 2nd try, then band turns back on. Very odd.

Anyone who loses notifications, reboot your band at the band ‘Settings, Reboot’. Has worked for me until they can release a fix. Haven’t had to do it much – maybe 3 times in 3 weeks. FYI.

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mt band display 2eb5 and stuck there
reboot the same

app cannot connect saying unpaired

I found that the Wyze Beta App was a bit buggy on iOS, in fact I have uninstalled the beta and reinstalled standard app as I have major issue with Wyze Sense. It has not been resolved, I lost connection to all sensors attached to one of my cams. Have been unable to reset or add any sensors to that bridge/camera.

How does Wyze Band track distance? I have found that the band during a run measures less distance covered than Stravia and All Trails. Both Stravia and All trails measured the same distance. On a 4 mile walk or run the band measures about half a mile less than Stravia.

During the week or so that I wore my band, it reported approximately 1/2 of the steps that my accurate smart watch was reporting.