Wyze Band Issue Updates - 05/12/2020

Hello, everyone.

My name is Arthur and I’m the Wyze Band PM. Thank you all for your support during the Wyze Band EA and reporting the issues you’ve found. There are definitely a lot of areas for improvement and we are relentlessly catching up. We have postponed its official launch to focus on quality improvement.

I want to use this post to discuss the progress we have made and the directions we’re going. Please help validate if the updates discussed below help or if you have any new feedback or recommendations. Thank you all.

There are three top issues we are focusing on:

  1. Bug fixes and the battery drain issue
    We have been working on a firmware update that should fix most of the reported issues. It was gray-released for broader testing two weeks ago and it was reported to reduce battery life to 2~3 days for some users. Thanks to you, we stopped the update from releasing to all users.
    Since then, we have rebuilt the new firmware update that should fix the same issues and avoid the battery drain problem. This new firmware version (described below) will soon enter beta testing.

  2. Alexa Built-In
    We are one of the first products to have Alexa Built-In and it relies on the text message (Alexa Caption) for responses. Thank you for all the help reporting the reliability issues. We have been working closely with the Alexa team to fix them.
    On May 6th, we officially acquired certification from Alexa. I am confident that the new firmware and app releases should be able to fix most of the reported Alexa issues.

  3. Google Assistant
    This has been a common request since we announced the Wyze Band project and I totally understand the demand for it.
    We have now officially started the integration process with Google and Cypress, our SoC chip supplier, and a functional prototype has been built. I will keep you updated on this.

Firmware Update – We expect to release the firmware update to beta this week. Here are the changes:

  1. Alexa related:
    • Improved the Alexa response time
    • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to unlock and activate Alexa when the button is held while in locked mode
    • Fixed an issue that caused Alexa to get stuck in “Listening” status
  2. Battery drain fixes compared to the recent firmware update
  3. Improved Bluetooth connectivity with Samsung and Google devices
  4. Clicking on Shortcuts through Wyze Band now triggers a light vibration response
  5. Fixed an issue that caused some alarms to not work when there were multiple alarms set within a short period of time
  6. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when scrolling in the band screen during custom Clock Face image installation
  7. Improved touch screen performance
  8. Improved grammar & UI

Previous updates and fixes after EA release:
Just in case you have missed any updates.

We understand that a lot of people are staying at home now and probably sitting or working extended periods of time. So we added two new features to help:

  • Step Goal
    This will help you set a daily step goal and alert you when you’ve achieved it.
  • Sedentary Reminder
    This will give periodic reminders to stretch and move around a bit if you’ve been still for too long.
    Both features will be accessible in the Settings page after firmware and 2.10+ app update.

Firmware v1.0.6.43 (released on 04/29)

  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fixed a bug so that holding the Home button will not unlock the screen when lock screen mode is enabled
  • Optimized the battery level algorithm
  • Added support for a Sedentary Reminder and Step Goal
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Find My Phone to not work after the first attempt
  • UI improvements

Recent iOS 2.10+ app (released on 5/7):

  • Improved Alexa connectivity
  • Fixed bugs that would cause data sync errors and failures
  • Fixed an iOS app issue that caused data sync failure unless the Wyze app was closed and restarted

Recent Android 2.10+ app (released on 5/7)

  • Improved Alexa connectivity
  • Fixed several issues that would cause Alexa alarms, timers, and alerts to not work properly with Android devices
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wyze Band from connecting to the app after Android phones reboot
  • Fixed bugs that would cause data sync errors and failures

I’m glad that the official launch has been postponed because there are still many lingering issues. I’m kind of surprised that many of these bugs did not get ironed out before the early access release but I’m glad you guys are trying to improve this product. I have firmware v1.0.6.43 running Wyze v2.10.74 on Android 10 on a Pixel 3a.

I remember you posted in the AMA thread saying you would definitely make running in the background optional. Is this redesign still in the works? You stated that you can get push notifications even when the app is closed. However, I get a notification saying “Band connection is running. This keeps the wyze band live for Alexa, shortcut, and notifications”. I don’t believe the push notifications work when the app is closed. Wyze Band and Scale AMA 3/24 at 12:00PM PT

Here are some other feedback/recommendations. I haven’t sent a log for each issue though but I will try to send them as I see them happening.

  1. When I receive a SMS text message through Android messages, I will receive multiple notifications for the same message. I have reported a log for this. I have received up to 7 duplicate notifications for the same message in the past.

  2. Also, one time, I got a notification that says there is a SMS text message from someone on my contact list but it was NOT the sender of the message. Others have reported this as well.

  3. Gmail notifications do not work.

  4. Google Hangouts notifications do not work properly. It will say the sender hangout group names but it does not show the content of the message. It says something like “new message” …and then it lists the server hangout group or group names. Then if another hangout comes it says "2 new messages…“Names of senders i.e. Coworkers, Family”

  5. Sometimes I’ve lost connection with the band and it doesn’t automatically reconnect when the band is near. Hopefully this is addressed with the new FW.

  6. Weather is not useful because you have to open your app and sync data in order to get the latest weather information. Might be an Android only issue.

  7. There are also multiple posts about the issue with pairing the band with more than 1 device, See here: Syncing Band to Multiple Devices

  8. Band UI - It would be more intuitive to be able to swipe right to clear individual notifications instead of tapping the bottom button.

  9. There are several posts about the sleep, step count, and heart rate accuracy as well. I noticed these do not seem as accurate as my Fitbit but it may vary with each user. It would be nice to be able to edit sleep and wake times if the sleep is calculated wrong though.

  10. There is no option to snooze the alarm or have it automatically go off again in a certain number of minutes if no one has acknowledged it.

  11. Google calendar notifications contain weird box characters before and after the names and times.

Thanks for improving this product and I hope these issues can get all resolved eventually before the actual release. Sorry I have so much feedback! I really do enjoy using this band though so far…


Remember to give those of us who do not use Alexa a way to disable Alexa entirely. I really do not like it vibrating everytime it touches skin and telling me to “set up Alexa”.


I have Alexa but I prefer not to use it on my band. For now, I just turn on the locked setting so that it doesn’t accidentally activate Alexa. It makes it a little less convenient to swipe through the band screens though. I agree it would be nice to disable that setting altogether in settings.

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For some reason, this morning my Wyze band is not recording a single step or Calorie (which I assume are tied together), It does have sleep & heartbeat, but zero steps even though there should be a couple hundred by now…

EDIT: It started working once I turned mobile data back on.

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Good Day

First sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this or if it has been asked before.
Trying to find an answer.

I do not have the Wyze band but my phone tells me “Band connection is running”
I do not want this to drain my battery nor do I use the band. Not to say I wont get on later on but for now I do not.
How can I disable this in the app?
My searches did not turn up anything so that is why I am asking here.

thank you in advance for your help.

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This should have been addressed with the v2.10.74 update.

Another option is here… But you should respond if that updated app didn’t fix it.

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Thanks for all your hard work!
The Alexa fine-tuning is appreciated as this was the main motivation for my purchase of the Band.

Me too. Alexa was my Main reason for the purchase but it has never worked. Now the only response Alexa gives is, “No response. Please try again.”

I was hoping the Band would be easier to use than pulling out my phone and waiting for the Alexa Wigit to begin.

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I like to see alarm snooze option. It should be a very basic option in the first place. Hopefully we will see it soon in upcoming updates.

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Mine is still working perfectly. Have you checked the Wyze app to make sure it is linked? Are you aware that you don’t start the voice command with “Alexa” but just speak the command?

After some early glitches my Band is working very well. Thanks for working so hard to improve an already very good product!

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Are the firmware updates limited. I still am running and it shows my firmware is up to date

One other thing I wish the Band could do…export all this walking/sleeping/heartbeat data to my pc or a spreadsheet. Shouldn’t I be able to connect my Android phone to my pc via the charging cable and export this data to my pc? What good is the data if its so tiny I can’t see it, or if I can’t do something constructive with the data (pie charts, bar charts, etc.)

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Delaying the official launch is a wise idea. This band was a total flop. Mine would never stay connected to my iPhone. I finally threw it in a drawer. I won’t be buying another one. This was an unusable product.

Blockquote I still am running and it shows my firmware is up to date

I’ve got the same problem, yet @WyzeArthur mentions version! Am I missing something?

Mine too! Very happy with it! Even using it to open and close my living room drapes!

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Maybe it’s your iPhone. I have an Android Moto X4 and the Wyze Band is working perfectly with it. I’m sitting right here in the living room and turning lights on and off and opening and closing our drapes and Alexa is giving me weather updates requested by me from my Wyze Band.
I am also surprised by how long a charge lasts.


Nope. Tried two different iPhones. Most recently the new iPhone SE (2020). Submitted over a dozen tickets to Wyze with no response. Reached out to “customer care” and they had me go through all of the stuff in the troubleshooting that I’ve already done. The back and forth became so time consuming that I told them to forget it and threw the band in a drawer. I offered to mail it back to Wyze if they would send a mailing label…

It was mentioned in the first bullet point about the battery drain. they stopped that firmware from going out to more people after a few people got it and reported the battery drain issue. " Bug fixes and the battery drain issue
We have been working on a firmware update that should fix most of the reported issues. It was gray-released for broader testing two weeks ago and it was reported to reduce battery life to 2~3 days for some users. Thanks to you, we stopped the update from releasing to all users."