Wyze Band - Incorrect time Sync (lack of sync?)

Weird bug just occurred for me… brief backstory - may be related/unrelated…

I did not have my band with me or near my phone for the day as it was charging (not dead) while a work. Upon returning home around 4 PM I put the band on and everything appeared to be fine, I was receiving notifications and such without much of an issue and did not notice anything out of the sorts. Just a few minutes ago at 9:06 PM my watch started vibrating and the 5 AM alarm was going off… odd; I dismissed the alarm and surprised to see the Band though it was 5 AM the following day. I then went back and proceeded to check the notifications and saw that they were coming in with a timestamp that was before 5 AM as well. I can only speculate that the watch itself lost track of time during the day without the synchronization of the phone; quite alarming if that is the case. Since the band has been in use from around 4 PM the Wyze app had been opened (not the Band device menu) and the notifications from Wyze and other applications had been working. Not sure what happened, hopefully Wyze staff see this and can offer some insight but the band somehow lost track of time.

Android App v2.10.71
Band v1.0.6.43