Wyze band in Water

This poor thing may be able to defend against water intrusion but it sure doesn’t like being in water… I wore my band during a swimming workout and it let me know, through vibration signals, that it was very confused. Swim strokes caused it to activate, menu scroll and even reset itself (guessing at this one because all my data was cleared) in any event, this band does not like water, I think the screen is just too sensitive. On that note, I’ve noticed that even with sleep mode activated, the display will illuminate with the brushing of a bed sheet or by moving across a pillow case (this one actually woke me up) as rolled over during the night. Since it’s not a ‘logging’ event, I’ve not sent in a report of issue but I do hope the techs are working on a fix for screen sensitivity. @WyzeGwendolyn are they aware?


I believe they are using a capacitive touch screen like the iPhone. So water will definitely have an effect on it.

Personally I found the initial version of Rise to Wake to be way too sensitive, maybe that is your issue. I turned mine off because ATM I also consider the display timeout to be too short, so I have to touch the screen anyway.


That’s funny because I felt the raise to wake is not sensitive enough. I perform several, very deliberate raise and roll to view before it finally awakens. I have it off now so that I just touch it to read. And that’s why I found it strange that it activates while I’m asleep. I set up a Wyze cam on my bed just to watch the number of activations. The light from the band triggers the camera motion on average of 10 times while I’m asleep. As for the water, I realized it had activated the reset because my data for the day was gone and I had to re-pair to the phone. My second swim day I thought things were good until 11:00 pm, when the alarm went off. It had self activated that setting too. Solution for me now, is I don’t swim with the band and I try not to get it wet when I wash my hands…

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I have had similar issues. When taking a shower it is constantly buzzing and changing screens. This is expected with the screen technology but other brands of smart watches have a swim or water mode/setting you can turn on that effectively locks there screen until a button press or long press ect to prevent this. I would love to see a feature like this implemented.


Under Wyze Band > Settings have you tried “Slide Upward to Unlock”?

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I have tried this feature and it helps mitigate these issues but it is still different than the feature I am suggesting (similar to the Samsung water lock feature). When in a shower for example where there is moving water, and if you hold the watch under the water it will act like a swiping motion and I have seen it cycle through all the screens and keep looping around. For short timeframes it’s not a huge issue for me but I can see that for swimming laps ect it would be bothersome.


Yes, but the water will effectively swipe up and unlock the screen. A water lock feature or a way to deactivate the touch screen via the app would be good. During sleep it’s not a big deal and I wouldn’t even know about it except for the one time it turned on while I moved my arm from under my pillow and it was in my face when it lit up. My only thought about that is how much battery power is waisted through out the night because of the activations.


I’ll share this with the team. Thanks for the tag!


Thank you for the recommendation. It is a great idea and I could see it applies to sleeping, running and swimming mode. I will check it with our engineers.


Hello, it’s been awhile since I asked this question. Has there been any word from the engineering team on how to address this issue? Those of us that want to use this band to monitor water workouts need a way to deactivate the screen so that it doesn’t constantly switch between screens, set alarms, activate Alexa etc… Thanks, stay safe and healthy :mask:


+1 for this feature request. It is very annoying, and the only big issue I have with what is otherwise a great smartwatch!

Implementation idea -
Locking the screen is easy, just a menu item.
Unlocking -
Option 1: from the phone. Might be the easiest to implement, and would be much welcome, desire the limitation.
Option 2: a unique tap/swipe sequence, that cannot take place accidentally. Like a “W” motion swipe. Or a tap-tap-tap sequence.

Just my 2 cents…

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I agree that the screen is too sensitive to touch. Mine lights up at night way too easily even though I have it on Night Mode. Plus I just posted because the Smart Mode is not blocking notifications at night even if I am very still for awhile watching TV, or falling asleep.

As far as random options happening, even with the annoying swipe up on I still get random Alexa attempts, or almost any action within 2 or 3 stages either way. I rearranged the tiles to limit what is available, which is another inconvenience.

I agree that the Wyze Band should have a “water mode” where it turns off the display so that the water doesn’t keep triggering different screens.

I hope this will be considered for development as it’s really annoying when you have the Wyze Band in water and it thinks your touching it.


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I just sent this to Wyze support yesterday:

Has anyone mentioned a lock feature for the Wyze Band? I have problems often in the hot tub or the shower that the screen is detecting a swipe up when it’s getting warm water on it. Even if there was an option under settings to lock the screen for X min or having an option for a triple tap or something that can help with being exposed to warm\hot water and thinking it was swiped.

I hope this gets some traction. We now have 3 wyze bands in our household.

When your arm is down in the shower, warm water runs “UP” the screen, so this really doesn’t help in this case. I appreciate the feedback, but this doesn’t fix the issue. A water mode \ swim mode \ lock screen for XX min would allow users to not have the screen unlock from warm\hot water.

I have been wanting to make a thread about this, but have not since it has been mentioned here and on YouTube before; should I or should I just comment in threads like this?

This is my biggest annoyance with the Wyze Band that made me almost send all of the ones that I bought for Christmas back, only the announcement of the Wyze Watch, and the fact that I want to support your company & give it a chance stopped me from sending them back.

Are there any plans to fix this because we are almost into a new year and the Wyze Watch will be coming out soon (hopefully it will not have this problem as well)?

I did not find out about the Wyze Band until this month, which is over half a year after it came out, and this issue is still not fixed even though some early reviewers on YouTube noticed this issue along with a few threads here; and it happens every time I wash my hands, take a bath, put my arms behind my back, et cetera.

The screen gets unlocked even if the water or whatever is going down instead of up, this activates various things like Find Phone & Tools & Settings & et cetera, there has to be some kind of better screen lock method and / or something, this is my first smart band so I have no idea how the Mi Band / Amazfit Band / Apple Watch / et cetera handle this.

Thank you,
-John Jr

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I wore my Wyze Band while swimming laps today and noticed it doing all sorts of things. The message that it could not connect seemed the strangest. So I decided to search for information on wearing it when swimming. That brought me to this chain. Until there is a fix, I will not be swimming laps with it on.
(Please fix it)

BTW, I also have experienced the issue with it turning on for no reason while in bed, even though I have it set to “swipe to unlock”

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I have some bad & good news for you, the bad news is that others (some even reported this before the band was released), including myself (I was late to the game, and did not get a band until December 2020), have reported the problem with water & even simply putting my hands behind my back activating the band even with swipe to unlock here at the forums, but it has not been fixed or addressed much.

I do not think that the forums is the place to get things like this fixed, the good news is that the only hope I see is contacting support directly through the Wyze app to report an issue, and so I recommend doing that & sharing links of threads like this with them & recommend that they make a statement on threads like this to respond to us to see if they are going to fix this or not & they could ask us questions.

Good luck, if you learn anything, please let me know.

Thank you.

I am sure that Wyze customer support has received sufficient complaints and reports about this.

Tired of the light coming on when my arm moves. I end up taking it off many nights, then forgetting to put it back on.

I look down some days and the Band is showing a warning about communicating with Alexa. Or it is on a random screen.

The battery tends to be at 20% within a weeks time. It used to take about 10 days. I do not currently have any notifications turned on, seeing if that would make any difference. It does not.

I have some of the same problems, I am on my second Wyze Band after the band broke in less than 2 months, Wyze kindly replaced it though, but the replacement has some of the same problems as the first & maybe somewhat worse battery life & there still has not been any firmware updates or any improvements for a while.

I assume that the Wyze Band is probably mostly abandoned, I just hope that the Wyze Watches that I preordered will be better & more reliable even though they seem to be lacking some of the features of the Wyze Band, if they disappoint me too, then I will likely give another company a chance like Xiaomi / Mi / Amazfit; I rather support Wyze, but it is not looking good.

I hope for a pleasant surprise though.